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Discover the Benefits of Flexible Shoes

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If you already find yourself telling people how much you love Lems, it probably makes sense for you to become an affiliate, so you can make commission from your passion. 

5 Things to Look for When Picking the Perfect Minimalist Shoes for Travel

Picking the right travel shoe is no easy feat. With limited baggage, you need multipurpose, lightweight travel shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and pack well. Fortunately, Lems has plenty of minimalist travel shoes that stand up to the toughest criteria. We’ve put together a list of our picks for travel shoes to fit all of your different adventures.


Too often we get stuck in routine and have trouble finding time to enjoy our surroundings. Even if you don’t “Love Lems Shoes”, we encourage you to take a little time, every day, to free your mind.

Should You Be Wearing Shoes in the House?

More time spent at home over the past couple of years likely also means less time wearing shoes, especially if you do not wear shoes inside the house.

9 Outdoor Activities to Try This Summer

Even if you consider yourself to be more outdoorsy than most people, surely there is an activity that you’ve never tried or have had on your bucket list for years.

Why Walking is Good for Your Health

Walking is growing in popularity, according to Strava’s 2021 Year in Sport report that showed that the activity was twice as popular as it had been the year prior. The report showed that walking increased among all age groups, genders, and regions.

5 Ways Getting Outdoors is Good for Your Mental Health

Spending even just a short amount of time outdoors every can has shown to have numerous health benefits. At Lems, we love to get active outdoors regularly, which is of course great for our physical health, and regular exposure to the outdoors also boosts our mental health.

Updated Mesa Features

In Spring 2022, we released several new colorways for the Mesa, which included a few improvements to the shoe you already love.

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors This Winter

The winter months can seemingly drag on with the frigid temperatures and increased hours of darkness. There’s a reason that many animals hibernate during the winter months and it’s natural for us to want to do the same. 

7 ways to celebrate the holidays outdoors

The holidays can be a busy time of the year, with lots of travel, parties, baking, and cooking. It’s also a great time to gather some friends or the family and spend time together outdoors.

Comparison: Lems Waterproof Boots

We’ve heard your pleas for waterproof shoes over the years and we’re so delighted that the Lems shoe family lineup now features five phenomenal waterproof styles. Mud, rain, and snow won’t stand a chance against these thoughtfully-designed shoes that feature our standard wide toe box and zero to minimal drop.