Lems Boulder Boot Reviews: Why Our Customers Love Our Boots

I received this pair of boots as a gift and I could not be happier. Every time I wear them someone asks where I got them. But not only do they look great, they are extremely comfortable. Highly recommend!! - Joe 

Healthier ways to stay sustained at work

It’s not uncommon to race off to work, power through the day and focus on health after the fact. Maybe it’s squeezing in a bike ride after work or in the early morning. Or cooking a healthy late-night dinner for the family. Or spending some decompression time on the car ride home or a short meditation session before bed.

Three important insights from the Natural Running Center

Lems works with some of the foremost natural foot-form doctors in the world. One of those is family physician and runner Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. He has provided some superior insights for Lems’ minimalist shoe designs.

I Made The Switch to Minimalist Shoes - I'll Never Go Back!

Like most people, I didn't think much about my feet or what footwear I wore day in and day out. I wore standard dress shoes that squeezed my toes together during the work week, and a pair of rugged hiking boots for the most part on the weekends.

How we made the Primal 2 a versatile and vegan-friendly shoe

Lems new Primal 2 is the evolution of a product line 10 years in the making. With our standard zero-drop platform and weighing in at an airy 6.9 ounces, this lightweight companion is not only super versatile, but also a shoe that is vegan friendly.

Heel-to-Toe Drop: What You Should Know About Zero-Drop Shoes & Boots

One of the most essential things to understand in natural footwear design is a term known as drop. In fact, we could argue that zero-drop is the whole point of wearing minimalist shoes.

Musician Lostboycrow Goes to Primal Places in His Lems

Musician Lostboycrow — that’s what he prefers to go by — Lems are a natural fit for his nomadic, seeker lifestyle.

Three wild ways to take your coffee

Coffee will always be one of life’s little pleasures. It’s a simple way to start each day with both a pause—and a bang. And while making or taking it certainly reflects the simple joys of living the Lems life, coffee has indeed become both an art and science.


Living on the open road is one cultural trend taking America by storm. Some people are learning how to make a life — and a living — while traipsing around the country. Others are seasonal travelers, taking to the highways and byways for the summer.


The Trailhead came about from a need for a shoe that can do it all; walking, hiking, biking, traveling, and even light running. When this idea came to me, there wasn’t an all-around shoe suitable for trail and road use or a defined category for this particular style of footwear, therefore, we needed to create one and named it the Mountain-to-Town collection. The Trailhead is the first of many styles to come within this particular line of products.

Lems Boulder Boot Review – A Homesteader’s Take By Matt Stern

Quick Look: After wearing these boots almost every day for the last 16 months, in a variety of conditions – garden, forest, town – I recommend them, with a few caveats.

7 Summer Activities for the Minimalist Lifestyle

In the summer, days get longer. Life slows down. Warm temperatures open the door to an abundance of outdoor activities. The increase in temperature reduces the amount of gear you need to enjoy the outdoors. With a good pair of minimalist shoes and little or no gear, your summer possibilities are endless.