Injection Blown Rubber Explained


Our shoe designers at Lems work hard to find or create the best materials to create the shoes you know and love. This means testing various materials to determine how they work in a variety of environments.

Because we specialize in minimalist shoes, we are always seeking the lightweight materials to promote optimal foot health, without compromising on comfort, performance, and fit.

This is where injection blown rubber (IBR) comes into play. We use this material in the outsoles of many of our shoes to create a super lightweight shoe that is also flexible. What exactly is IBR and how does it compare to traditional rubber?

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What is Injection Blown Rubber?

Injection blown rubber is a mixture of air and rubber that makes shoes incredibly lightweight. Used for the outsole, this material creates a lighter and more flexible shoe, but does compromise some of the durability compared to shoes with outsoles made using full rubber. 

What that means is that shoes with IBR outsoles are more likely to wear down quicker than their counterparts. Depending on your preferences and activity level, you may prefer super lightweight shoes made with IBR vs a more durable rubber.

What are the Best Activities for Shoes Made with Injection Blown Rubber?

To increase the life of the shoes, less rugged and more casual activities are best for shoes made with IBR.

These activities include:

  • Daily office shoe
  • Dog walking 
  • Chilling at camp
  • Out and about around town
  • Bike commuting
  • Travel

Lems shoes that use IBR:

These shoes are all suitable for the activities mentioned above, and some work well for occasional walks or hikes on easy terrain.

Some people may prefer the lightweight aspect, especially if they are using these models casually as opposed to hiking or other more strenuous activities. 

If you’re looking for a shoe that can handle more rugged terrain and is overall more durable, these are the Lems shoes that use a full rubber outsole:

These shoes make great candidates for hiking, trail running, and that two week travel adventure that has you on your feet all day long.

Although the shoes above do not use IBR, they are still lightweight and won’t weigh you down on your outdoor excursions.