Back in 2015, we decided to make a big change and move Lems from small town Hermitage, PA to mountain-based Boulder, CO. Throughout our time in this beautiful town, we’ve been influenced and inspired by the outdoors, the culture, and the Colorado lifestyle - which in turn has made us think differently about the future of our brand.

With that being said, we’ve decided to take on a new logo that shows our love for the outdoors, a color scheme that is welcoming and energetic, and a tagline that expresses our sense of adventure and minimalism. 

Don’t worry; all the things that you have grown to love about Lems will never change. We will continue to develop comfortable footwear with a wide toebox and natural shape.

And if you were wondering, Lems is comprised of just 9 people. We are, and will forever be 100% family owned and operated. As the only designer, I will ensure to design and develop footwear that defies the norm.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of our supporters. We would never be where we are today without you!

If you don’t already, we invite you to join us on Instagram and follow us through the life and journey of Lems. We have some exciting new products releasing this fall – you won’t want to miss out!

-Andrew Rademacher, Founder

Our new logo represents a minimalistic lifestyle that captures the essence of the great outdoors. Showcasing simplified line work, muted tones with bright pops of color, and a unique handcrafted font, the overall look is refreshing, personable, and clean.



We've gone through multiple rebrands over the years, but this time, we feel like we've finally got it right. Some of you may remember us as Stem, to Leming, to Lems, with a lot of different looks and feels. It's been quite a ride with the cease and desist letters, the suicidal Leming Disney videos, we've really been through it all! Thanks to those of you that have stuck with us along our journey. 

Our new tagline, Discover More with Less, reminds us to enjoy the natural beauties of life without being over consumed by materialistic goods.

This same mentality is displayed within our product line. We will always develop shoes that put the health of the human foot first, and in doing so we are able to remove the extra, unnecessary materials. 

As we grow, we continue to better understand ourselves, and who we are as a brand. We look forward to inspiring others through our energy, appreciation, and passion for the natural world in all that we do here at Lems.


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