Picking the right travel shoe is no easy feat. With limited baggage, you need multipurpose, lightweight travel shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and pack well. Fortunately, Lems has plenty of minimalist travel shoes that stand up to the toughest criteria. We’ve put together a list of our picks for travel shoes to fit all of your different adventures.

What to Look for in a Travel Shoe

Before selecting the shoes you want to bring on your trip, you’ll first want to think about a few key factors that make a pair of shoes ideal for travel.


When you’re looking for a way to fit everything in your luggage, picking a shoe that packs well is essential. A packable shoe is one that can fold easily to save space without compromising the integrity of the shoe. 

Our Pick: The Boulder Boot and the Boulder Boot Mid are the go anywhere and do anything shoes. These steadfast shoes can be folded, squished, and smashed and spring back into shape looking sharp for your outdoor adventure or your evening meal out on the town.

They curl up like a potato bug into a small size to save space in your luggage, allowing a spot for an extra pair or souvenirs on the way home.

Consider them the ultimate minimalist casual shoe that makes every aspect of your trip that much more comfortable. 


You never want to feel weighed down by luggage when you’re out exploring. Trust us. We’ve dragged heavy bags over stairs and across bridges and down cobblestone roads. Definitely do not recommend it.

Minimalist shoes make great travel footwear because they are feather light. Not only do they help keep you from paying pricey overweight bag fees, but those days of dragging your heavy luggage around town will be a thing of the past. 

Equally important is conserving energy with every step you take. That’s why the weight of your shoe is a factor that you should never take lightly (pun intended).

Our Pick: Look no further than the Chukka, one of the most versatile shoes in our collection. This stylish option feels like your coziest pair of slippers, yet looks presentable for a fun night on the town.


There is nothing worse than blisters or sore feet after day one of a trip. Choosing the right pair of shoes can truly change a vacation, and that’s why selecting a pair that’s built for every terrain and element is essential. 

With so many different types of minimalist casual shoes on the market, sorting through the field and finding a pair that functions well and looks good can be a bit of a gauntlet. But don’t you worry, Lems has got you covered.

Our Pick: If comfort it what you’re looking for, comfort is what you will get with one of the newest members of the Lems family– the Chillum. With a name like Chillum, you really can’t go wrong.

These are the go-anywhere, do-anything shoe designed for maximum breathability and optimum comfort. Your feet will feel like they’re walking on pillows even though they’re putting in the miles.


If we know our customers (and we’re pretty sure we do), we know that you like to pack a mix of outdoor adventure and urban fun into your vacations. You need a shoe that can perform on the trail just as much as it can dress you up for an evening meal at a restaurant, all while keeping your feet from screaming in pain.

Our Pick: The vegan-friendly Primal 2 should be at the top of your travel shoe list if you are looking for a super lightweight kick to keep up with you on the go. 

Checking every box when it comes to minimalist casual shoes that are ready for anything, you might not even feel the need to take them off after a long day exploring.


Whether your trip involves hours of city walking, lounging lakeside, or a mix of both you’ll want to look for a shoe that fits the style of travel you will be doing. Lems has shoes that fit the bill for all kinds of activities, so it’s just a matter of selecting the right model to match your plans.

Our Pick: If you’re planning a more casual, relaxing vacation in the woods or near the beach, we recommend the Drifter. These zero-drop slip ons feature a heel that folds down for even easier slipping on. If you just need a pair of shoes to protect your feet at camp, but want to keep the toes covered, these are the shoes.

If you’re ready to hit the road for your next great adventure, make sure you consider your footwear and the role it plays when it comes to assisting you in maximizing your comfort. Lastly, have fun out there, and tag @lemsshoes in your travel photos. We’d love to see them!

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