Two like-minded companies have worked together to come up with a solution for the ultimate end goal: to spread the word about cool, new and innovative products.

When it comes to being featured on the internet, Lems Shoes is methodical in our choices. We wish to connect with a community of people who are interested in new ideas, fresh product and non-traditional goods. We research and test the products that we wear, which means we understand and appreciate those that do the same. We wholeheartedly believe that Huckberry and its supporters share that same mindset. Here at Lems, we have discovered myriad brands from such sites as and we hope that others will soon discover us.

Founded in 2010 and out of San Francisco, California, Huckberry is a members-only online store and digital journal that aims to inspire an adventurous and active lifestyle in a stylish way. On Huckberry, you can find some of the world’s coolest gear. They have everything from footwear, clothing, watches, bags, wallets, home goods and so much more. Their online blog, better known as their journal, features relevant articles in an original storytelling way, that appeals to their active adventurous market. I’m sure you’ll get roped into reading quite a few posts – I know I did.

In honor of this partnership, Huckberry has included Lems Shoes on their site for the next week as the feature sale, offering a 15% off discount for the next seven days. Yes, you heard correctly, a seven-day Lems Shoes discount. On Huckberry, you’ll be able to find the Lems Boulder Boot, the Primal 2 and the Nine2Five – all offered in various colors and sizes.

In order for you to take advantage of this 15% discount, please feel free to create an account with Huckberry and purchase through their site to get your Lems. Make sure to sign up and solidify your order within the next seven days to redeem the discount. Click here to see more!

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Geschiedenis van schoenen

Naarmate de tijd verstreek, veranderde natuurlijk ook het ontwerp van schoenen. Aanvankelijk werden sportschoenen gemeengoed, gedreven door comfort en prestaties. Maar naarmate schoenen modieuzer werden, werden ze onpraktischer en gingen ze meer voor look dan voor comfort.

Laten we eens wat dieper ingaan op de geschiedenis van schoenen en begrijpen hoe het ontwerp van de huidige schoenen heeft geleid tot een groot aantal voetproblemen, waaronder eeltknobbels, hamertenenen meer.

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