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Otter Wax is an American-Based company that uses the highest quality natural ingredients in their products. Additionally, these products work pretty damn well on leather and therefore we highly endorse their use on any Lems Shoe that is built with leather.

For about a year now we have been selling the Otter Wax Leather Care Kits on our site. The Kit comes with four different products: Saddle Soap, Leather Salve, Leather Boot Oil, and Boot Wax.

Each product has its own usage and although designed for boots, can be utilized on the Nine2Five as well as the Mariner.

Saddle Soap

The Saddle soap should be used first as it helps clean leather and remove stains. It is the toughest of the four substances so don’t hesitate to use a little spit or water to soften it up and rub onto a towel.

Ptter wax leather care boot wax

Leather Salve

The Leather Salve helps restore softness to the leather and eliminates cracking. These two characteristics are especially good in the colder months when your shoes are more apt to dry out.

With all of the substances, use a rag to spread the Salve evenly across the shoe. Work into the leather in a circular motion until the substance is no longer visible.

Otter wax leather care

Leather Oil

Use the oil sparingly as a lot goes a long way. The oil is the main component when it comes to polishing and shiner the shoe for a new and revived look.

Otter wax leather care leather oil

Boot Wax

The last application should be the Boot Wax. Boot Wax is used to protect the shoe from outside elements as well as give it a waterproof seal.

Otter wax leather care

Horsehair Brush

After applying each substance, using a rag or better yet, a horse-haired brush to help the substances work into the shoe. Before applying a new substance, be sure the shoe is dry and the previous application is finished.

For more information on Otter Wax please visit here.

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