Sweet summertime! Whether it’s wedding season or sweating season, we’ll give you a full rundown of the Lems roster, and where to wear what, when.

Summer Hikes

Sunny days and warmer weather are the perfect excuse to lace up your Trailheads and seize the day. Conquer canyons, pummel peaks, or just tackle the trail — we’ve got you comfortably covered from head to toe.

Active Holidays

Bike To Work Day is just one great example of days where the whole country can get involved with being active. For days like this, we recommend the Mesa, the shoe that’s not only ready to go the distance, but also looks just as good at the office as it does on its way to the office.

On The Boat

Set sail this summer with the Mariner. Whether you’re dressing to hit the deck, or you feel more comfortable a little closer to shore, these shoes are as flexible as the fishing pole you’ll be casting this season.

Wedding Attendee

The Nine2Five’s might just be the ultimate men’s wedding shoe. Cut a rug in the type of comfort you’ve most definitely never experienced in a dress shoe. If you’ve ever asked if you could wear sneakers to a formal event, these are exactly the right shoes for you.

Travel Day

Some say it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination, but let’s be real — making your way through airport security probably isn’t the highlight of your day. If you’ve got to run to your gate, you might as well do it in minimalist shoes that maximize every step. We fully recommend making your way to our Primal 2 page, so you can catch flights and feelings for these shoes.  

Brewery Tour

Speaking of flights, get acquainted with our favorite type: beer flights. To truly appreciate those hints of barley and hops, you need to kick your feet up and get comfortable. For this, we recommend Lems’ Boulder Boot, or the Boulder Boot Leather if you’re looking to get a little fancy.

Whatever plans you have this summer, it’s important to feel good. That’s why our shoes are built around flexibility, minimalism, toe comfort, and spine alignment through our zero-drop platform. So, from the forest to the dance floor, you’re ready for anything.

Additional Articles

Geschiedenis van schoenen

Naarmate de tijd verstreek, veranderde natuurlijk ook het ontwerp van schoenen. Aanvankelijk werden sportschoenen gemeengoed, gedreven door comfort en prestaties. Maar naarmate schoenen modieuzer werden, werden ze onpraktischer en gingen ze meer voor look dan voor comfort.

Laten we eens wat dieper ingaan op de geschiedenis van schoenen en begrijpen hoe het ontwerp van de huidige schoenen heeft geleid tot een groot aantal voetproblemen, waaronder eeltknobbels, hamertenenen meer.

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