We’ve heard your pleas for waterproof shoes over the years and we’re so delighted that the Lems shoe family lineup now features five phenomenal waterproof styles. Mud, rain, and snow won’t stand a chance against these thoughtfully-designed shoes that feature our standard wide toe box and zero to minimal drop.

Whether you seek a shoe for the office, your urban errands, daily activities, or for the trail, we’ve got something to fulfill your needs.

Boulder Boot Waterproof

Our top selling Boulder Boot features a zero drop platform and is known for its portability. The oil-finished full-grain leather is pre-treated to be water repellant and a gusseted tongue keeps debris and water out. Regular treatment with Otter Wax will keep these babies waterproof for the long term. The IBR outsole gives these boots their notable feather lightweight and flexible feel, ideal for travel or running around town. Just like the original Boulder Boot, they are zero drop.

Boulder Boot Grip

We took the beloved Boulder Boot Waterproof and amped it up a few levels with an All-Terrain/Slip-Resistant Rubber Outsole. That’s right, this innovative outsole features siping grooves designed specifically to combat traction in wet and slippery conditions, just like your winter tires.

Boulder Summit Waterproof

A Boulder Boot designed specifically to take to the trails? That’s the Boulder Summit Waterproof. With the same winter traction outsole as the Outlander, the fully waterproof, full-grain oiled Boulder Summit offers a more secure grip on uneven and slippery terrain than the traditional Boulder Boot.

Primal Pursuit Mid Waterproof

The mid-height and waterproof version of our Primal Pursuits is designed for optimal cushioning without sacrificing foot health. A hybrid of the Primal 2 and Trailhead/Mesa, The Primal Pursuit Mid is a true hiking boot that combines the comfort and feel of the Primal 2 with the rugged features of the Trailhead/Mesa. At just 11.8 oz, the Primal Pursuit mid is one of our lightest waterproof shoes. 


Our first truly all-season boot, the Outlander features a fully weatherproof upper, gusseted tongue, and our winter traction outsole that can handle snow and mud like a champ. The sticky rubber outsole utilizes 4mm deep lugs and zig-zag grooves to provide ample traction as you climb to new heights and scale slippery situations.

Chelsea Boot Waterproof

With the same outsole as the Primal Zen, the waterproof Chelsea Boot has a fully waterproof membrane with an oiled leather upper to keep the water out and feet dry. The Chelsea Boot also boasts an ultra wide toe box and zero drop. Weighing in at just 9.8 oz, the Chelsea Boot is the lightest shoe in our waterproof lineup and is ideal for wearing to the office, around town, or on light trails.

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