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Lems Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time of year when you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for the people on your list and we’re just weeks away from Christmas. Luckily, we’ve got some great gift ideas for those of you with active friends and family.

All of the items listed below promote healthy foot care and may not be products that friends and family think about, but truly need to stay active and injury-free or to keep their shoes in top shape.

Lems Shoes

Of course we had to recommend our shoes! While we’re partial to all of our models, we have a few suggestions to help you make your purchasing decision for the people in your life based on their lifestyle.

Casual Shoes – Those looking for a casual, every day shoe should check out the Boulder Boot and the Chukka. Both pair well with casual outfits and can go to the trail for some lighter hiking if wanted. No matter the material preference, both models offer something for vegans and leather wearers alike.

Trail Running – Whether you’re running errands or along the trails, the Primal 2 will take you where you need to go. The minimalist running shoe is the original Lems shoe and made from vegan materials.

Mountain-to-Town – If you have a friend or family member that squeezes in their trail time in between work or happy hour with friends, might we suggest the Trailhead V2. These minimalist hiking shoes can do it all.

Correct Toes

Created by a podiatrist who sees famous athletes, Correct Toes are toe spacers designed to be worn inside minimal shoes during activity. They help realign the toes back to their natural shape, spreading and strengthening them as you walk, run, and hike.

A must-have item for those with bunions and hammer toes, Correct Toes have been tested and proven by hundreds of patients. You can learn more about them in this blog post.

Injinji Socks

These funny-looking socks are actually anatomically-designed to our feet. The unique design allows the toes to spread, reducing blisters and friction. Further, Injinji socks enable the toes to work independently to offer better movement on tricky terrain.

Otter Wax

Regular care will keep your Lems shoes looking shiny and new for years to come. We love and recommend Otter Wax products to do just that! 

The American company sells a variety of products made from natural ingredients like beeswax and lanolin that keep shoes in great shape, including a complete Leather Care Kit, Saddle Salve, Fabric wax for canvas goods, and brushes to use for cleaning.

Nikwax Spray

Chances are, if you wear Lems shoes, you also enjoy getting out on the trail in just about any weather. 

When water absorbs through leather or fabric, the breathability of the footwear reduces. Nikwax spray for leather, fabric, and suede helps weatherproof your shoes to keep them looking clean and preventing water from getting inside.

Spiky Massage Ball

Athletes (and people in general) notoriously don’t pay enough attention to foot care. Unless you’re getting regular pedicures and foot massages, you’re neglecting your feet. A spiky ball like the one from Pro-Tec Athletics does just the trick!

The 3” firm massage ball penetrates the deep tissue to help relieve pain from foot injuries like plantar fasciitis.

Additional Articles

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Did you know you can easily clean your Lems shoes? We know you’re taking them to the trails, on bike rides, out for runs, and in all different types of weather, so they’re bound to get dirty at some point.

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis and Its Treatments

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury that affects the bottom of the foot and is one of the most common causes of heel pain. When the long band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot (the fascia) is overstretched, tiny tears can create inflammation, leading to a painful condition.
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