The holidays can be a busy time of the year, with lots of travel, parties, baking, and cooking. It’s also a great time to gather some friends or the family and spend time together outdoors.

Because of the cold and shorter days, fewer people hit the outdoors during the winter months and while it can certainly be nice and cozy inside, it feels even more so after spending a long day out in the woods or playing in the snow.

If you are in need of some fun outdoor holiday activities, we’ve got a great list for you to consider as you make your plans.

Cut Down your own Christmas Tree

Sure, it’s easy to head to one of the many Christmas tree lots in town and pick out your tree, but your tree will feel more special if you go out to the forest and cut it down yourself.

Many forest lands offer permits to cut down Christmas trees, usually for much less than what it would cost to pick one out at a lot. Of course, your trading time and gas for convenience, but there’s just something magical about spending a day in the woods, off trail, in search of the perfect tree to decorate for the holidays. Plus, you get serious badass points for schlepping the tree back to your car and bringing it home in one piece!

Walk to See Christmas Lights

Seemingly everywhere has that one street that goes all out with the Christmas lights. Instead of driving through the neighborhood to enjoy the lights, why not gather some friends and family, bake some cookies together, and heat up some apple cider or cocoa and take an evening stroll to ooh and ahh at the light display.

Might we suggest the Chelsea Boots or beloved Boulder Boot for this activity? If you’re going to be spending time on your feet, then you may as well look and feel good while doing so.

Roast Chestnuts over an Open Fire

Set up a gas or wood fire pit outside in the back yard and roast come chestnuts while enjoying a meal or cup of hot chocolate.

If you’ve never roasted chestnuts over an open fire, then you’re missing out! It’s exciting to hear them cracking as they bake and they just seem to taste better when they are cooked directly on an open flame.

Go Sledding

If skiing is not your sport, then you can still hit the slopes! Grab a sled and some friends and take to the hillside with your favorite sled or toboggan. 

Many ski areas or nordic ski areas have set aside a section for sledding. Race (safely!) down the hills against your pals and bring a thermos with a hot beverage to leave in the car and enjoy once you’ve tired yourselves out from a day of play.

The Primal Pursuit Mid Waterproof make a great choice for snow play thanks to the gusseted tongue, fully waterproof membrane, and grooved outsole that can tackle snow like a champ.

Forage for Decor

While you’re out looking for your perfect Christmas tree or out for a hike, keep an eye out for fallen foliage that you can bring back to make a wreath for the door or a garland for the fireplace.

There are some places where you may be able to forage plants and cut branches directly from trees, but be sure to check the rules beforehand. Fallen branches are generally ok to forage and take out of the forest.

Holly, pinecones, hemlock, cedar, and other evergreen trees make for lovely wreaths and garlands.

Try the Primal Pursuit for this outing. The added cushion paired with the added traction means these shoes make excellent companions for any trail adventure.

Build a Snowman

Building a snowman isn’t just for kids! Adults can have fun with the childhood activity as well. But if you do have kids, all the more fun!

Gather the family or friends and create a themed contest with fun prizes for the winners.

Go Snowshoeing

If you’ve never snowshoed before, the holiday season is an ideal time! Winter outings are much quieter than the busy summer months and landscapes, no matter how well you know them, look completely different when they’re covered in snow.

Make sure to check with a nearby avalanche center or the local ranger station to inquire about avalanche danger before heading out. Bring plenty of warm layers and a dry pair of clothes to change into at the car if the weather will be wet.

With its sticky rubber sole and zig zag grooves, the Outlander Waterproof Boot would make a great shoe for snowshoeing adventures. The waterproof upper and gusseted tongue will keep your feet dry and warm, even after trudging through snow.

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