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Lems Worldwide

If you're like us here at Lems, we have a passion for traveling and are on a mission to see the world. However, while we're in our office here in Boulder (which is a great place to be, don't get

Working for Change

Jared Sternberg, owner of travel company, Gondwana Ecotours, reached out to us a few months ago regarding a partnership on an eye-opening project to support a Clean Water Initiative in the Maasai

Van Life Q+A

Lems brand ambassador, William Woodward, took a trip around North America with nothing but he, himself and whatever he could fit into his van. Talk about a minimalism right there. Check out our Q+

Adventure Gear Giveaway!!!

ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN AN EXCLUSIVE ADVENTURE GEAR GIVE AWAY!The winner will receive ALL of the following:One pair of Lems Shoes and t-shirt of your choiceOne Keep Exploring Pack - an assortment

National Foot Health Awareness Month

April officially marks National Foot Health Awareness Month - which means it's about that time to get those feet of yours back into shape.Here's a question for you. Why are your feet so important? T