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Foot Education

Healthy Feet Alliance

Education on natural foot health. Learn more.

The Foot Collective

Foot restoration tools. Learn more.

Natural Footgear

Foot health information and products. Learn more.

Northwest Foot & Ankle

Natural care for active feet. Learn more.

Foot Rx Running

Solutions for healthy foot and ankle mobility. Learn more.

Barefoot Reviewers

Anya's Reviews

A guide to looking and feeling your best in minimalist footwear. Learn more.

Barefoot Shoe Guide

Guide to healthier feet and comfortable shoes. Learn more.

The Barefoot Shoe Review

Taking the hassle out of finding your perfect barefoot shoe. Learn more.

International Web Shops

Bprimal (Australia)

Retailer based out of Australia. Learn more.

Footworks Running (UK)

Retailer based out of the UK. Learn more.

GoFree Concepts (Germany)

Retailer based out of Germany. Learn more.

Barefoot Life (Israel)

Retailer based out of Israel. Learn more.

Alun (Denmark)

Retailer based out of Denmark. Learn more.


Correct Toes (Toe Spacers)

Anatomical toe spacers designed by sports podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan. Learn more.

Injinji (Toesocks)

High quality performance toesocks. Learn more.

Otter Wax (Care/Treatment)

All-natural fabric and leather care. Learn more.

Nikwax (Care/Treatment)

All-natural fabric and leather care. Learn more.