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Stay Safe Outside This Summer

While it might still be better to play it safe by socially distancing, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time indoors. Don’t have a backyard? That’s okay too. No matter where you live, there’s plenty of ways to soak up some sun or grab some outdoor adventure while keeping six feet apart. 

Go For A Hike

If you’re taking the proper precautions, there’s no reason not to hit the trails. While it’s still not encouraged to meet up with a group of friends, a solo hike is a perfect way to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Jump On The Bike

Few things feel as freeing as going for a bike ride. While you may still need to wear a mask while you ride, there is reason to believe the conditions during the summer months make things a little safer.

Hit The Beach Or Lake

The perfect way to cool down is unfortunately contingent on the behavior of others. Your best bet is to go to the shores that you know are generally less popular to soak up the sun.

It’s clear this summer is going to look very different from the others, but that doesn’t mean that everything is off-limits. And finally, (and we can’t stress this enough) follow your local laws and stay safe out there!

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