Our good friend Charlie Keating took a road trip with some of his friends to Zion National Park from Phoenix. A few of his adventure necessities included the Boulder Boot and the all-new and improved Mariner.

Charlie and his friends arrived late in the evening and decided to set up camp, surrounded by large black voids in the distance, unable to make about a clear image of what was really in front of them. Once morning hit, they were astounded by what was encompassing them.

“We were closed in the large Zion Canyon and were surrounded a full 360 degrees by huge red colossal rocks and beautiful trees everywhere.”

They started their day and headed out to see some breathtaking sites.

“We hiked Angels Landing, which was really scary for me, due to the fact heights are my biggest fear. It’s a huge ascent along a narrow ridge line, with only metal rods staked into the ground to hold onto”. Yikes!

Charlie claimed it was about a five-hour round-trip excursion, but once they had reached the top, it was worth the struggle to make it all the way up there.

Continuing on their adventure the next day, Charlie and his friends made their way through The Subway – which he said was an awesome hike!

“My Lems Boulder Boots held up great trekking through the water for a solid 6 miles”, Charlie said.

As the weekend came to an end, they packed up and headed back home to Phoenix. On the way, they stopped at Horseshoe Bend and made some more memories before they called it an end to their trip.

“It’s always incredible to see this place and it’s definitely somewhere you have to see to believe.”

I don’t know about you, but after seeing all of these photos this is definitely another place on my list that I want to visit.

To see more of Charlie’s work, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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