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Chukka Everything You Thought You Knew Out The Window

Because there’s a new Chukka in town. Meet our new favorite, the Chukka Corduroy.

To help you understand how great this pair truly is, we came up with this analogy: Imagine you’ve been texting with someone really great. They’re funny, they’re cute, they have a good job, they’re fans of your favorite sports team, and they can also quote The Office word-for-word. In this scenario, that would represent our original Chukka. 

Then you find out they have a fraternal twin.  

All of a sudden you’re torn. The challenge of choosing between two people that are absolutely perfect and both different, yet equally good looking stares you down. The fraternal twin you didn’t know about, that’s the Chukka Corduroy. 

While we can’t tell you which twin to choose, we do have good news. And that is, unlike humans, you can begin a relationship with as many pairs as you’d like. You never have to choose between the two, and you can love them both equally or choose favorites; we’re not here to judge. 

If we were to continue describing our newest shoe using the analogy above, we’d probably mention that the Chukka Corduroy has all the things you love about the first twin you met, such as:  

  • Zero-drop platform
  • Wide toe box
  • Lightweight design
  • Moisture wicking insole

But without the things you hate like… well there really isn’t anything to hate about the OG Chukka, but you get the point. And because we know twins can sometimes be difficult to tell apart, we created the Chukka Corduroys in three new colors ways: Green Kush, Moon Dust, and Space Jelly. 

Oh, and did we mention they’re vegan? Swoon. 

Kick off the best relationship you might have had in a while and get your feet on a pair of these beauties asap. 

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