In Spring 2022, we released several new colorways for the Mesa, which included a few improvements to the shoe you already love.

Before you panic about the changes we made, you can rest assured that the Mesa is still the same shoe you know and love, only better. Here’s what we kept the same:

✓ Pull on sock-style

✓ Minimal drop

✓ Mountain-to-Town full-rubber outsole

✓ Knit mesh upper

✓ Vegan materials

✓ Ultra flexible fit

The Mesa is known for its versatility to tackle just about any activity you could want. Running errands around town? Yep! Meeting friends for a hike after work? You’re covered! Imbibing at the local brewery after work? Check!

We didn’t change a thing about its go anywhere attitude and the sorcery behind how we manage to build a durable, yet flexible shoe. 

The knit mesh is still in place to do its job of circulating airflow and maintain its quick dry prowess and the minimal drop remains the same. 

Here’s where we made some improvements:

We stayed committed to the oh-so-easy pull-on-ability (yes, we probably just made up that phrase) of the Mesa. We just made it even easier by reconstructing the overall fit slightly. 

We weren’t sure it was possible, but we worked our magic to make the Mesa even easier to pull off and by creating a more stretchy sock tongue with a higher rise and adjusting the ankle to fit more accurately.

Lastly, we added four new fetching colorways to the Mesa family: Safari, Pewter, Arctic Blue, and Glacier.

Pewter and Glacier are your classic gray and white shoes, respectively, ideal for those who prefer a traditional style. The Arctic Blue matches the shade of your favorite alpine lake while Safari is a multi-colored shoe featuring a tan base with navy mesh and a fun pop of turquoise on the tongue and heel.

We think you’ll love the subtle changes to the Mesa and hope you enjoy the new colorways!

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