If you already find yourself telling people how much you love Lems, it probably makes sense for you to become an affiliate so you can make commission from your passion. 

The Benefits of Being A Lems Ambassador:  

  • Affiliate payout of 8%
  • 45 day cookie duration
  • Easy return/exchange policy
  • Average order size: $130.00
  • Conversion rate: 3.3%+

Ready to get started? Apply here and we’ll contact you if it seems like a good fit, or reach out to affiliates@lemsshoes.com with any questions.

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Discover the Benefits of Flexible Shoes

Stiff shoes with tapered toe boxes and elevated heels essentially force the muscles of the foot into unnatural positions that can lead to injuries, weaken muscles, and affect performance. More flexible shoes, like those we design at Lems, allow the foot muscles to work as they are intended, providing more stability and balance.

5 Things to Look for When Picking the Perfect Minimalist Shoes for Travel

Picking the right travel shoe is no easy feat. With limited baggage, you need multipurpose, lightweight travel shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and pack well. Fortunately, Lems has plenty of minimalist travel shoes that stand up to the toughest criteria. We’ve put together a list of our picks for travel shoes to fit all of your different adventures.

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