It’s been quite the transition, but we’re finally all here in our new favorite place that we can officially call home – Boulder, Colorado.

After long days and nights of planning, working remotely and drinking a lot of coffee (and beer) – we have all finally arrived in our new home! We couldn’t be more excited to be here, continually growing and expanding Lems as a company in such a wondrous place.

Boulder has a booming population of 100k and is still continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The city of Boulder has so many unique things to offer, including great places to eat, shopping on the Pearl Street Mall, close to 30 breweries in a fifteen-mile radius of the city, and the most incredible views of the foothills no matter what part of town you’re in. I know that’s something I’ll never get sick of!

Lems CEO and founder, Andrew Rademacher, says that Boulder is without a doubt our new home.

“First, you have several hundred miles of mountain biking, running and snowshoeing trails less than a mile from downtown. Second, Boulder has a strong outdoor consumer market that significantly influences the rest of the country,” Rademacher says.

“Boulderites are gear junkies. Simple as that. If it hasn’t caught on yet in Boulder, then it may never well catch on at all.” Good news for our Lems, eh?

“It’s never a boring place, there’s always something to do even with the hourly-changing weather (never forget your puffer-jacket!). There’s always live music and some of America’s best skiing is less than 1.5 hours away. And, of course, with the new green laws, Boulderites are living each day in peace and love, ha!”

We're a couple months in and I honestly couldn’t be any happier to live in this beautiful place surrounded by the mountains. Coming from a small town in Ohio, the active and healthy lifestyle out here is mind-blowing and practically forces me to partake. I mean, I guess that’s not a bad thing! I sense some new hobbies about to be adopted. Despite the lack of country music and fashion, I really do love Boulder. Sorry Ohio, I don’t think I’m coming back any time soon.

All in all, we’re so excited for this amazing opportunity and so glad to be spreading the word about Lems here in Boulder. Hopefully all of you are just as anxious for what we have in store for you.

Live Easy and Minimal,

The Lems Staff – Andrew, Steve, Audrey & Gayle

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