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Men's Primal Pursuit

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Have plans with friends for happy hour, but gotta squeeze in that trail time before meeting up with your crew? We’ve got you. The Primal Pursuit is the middle child of the beloved Primal 2 and Trailhead/Mesa, but with added cushion and a unique, all-new rubber outsole design for more comfort and added traction. So get that trail run in and don’t bother changing your shoes because the Primal Pursuit pairs just as well with jeans as it does with sweat and dirt!

*WIDE Natural-Shape Last™:  Wide toe splay. Learn more

*Sizing Note: Nocturnal Ninja - order 1/2 size larger than your normal US size. Canyon & Orion Blue - Order your normal US size.

Regular price $130 Sale

Canyon (Suede)
Canyon (Suede)
Orion Blue
Orion Blue
Nocturnal Ninja
Nocturnal Ninja

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For customers that find the Trailhead and Mesa too narrow, the Primal Pursuit may be just what you need, and probably the highest anticipated style to hit the Lems lineup to date! The Primal Pursuit features the same fit and feel as the Primal 2, but with a bit more oomph, like the Trailhead/Mesa.

The new Trail Traction Outsole provides more grip on the trail, with a slightly higher stack height, providing a bit more cushion for more sensitive feet, yet they won’t weigh you down. 

Think of the Primal Pursuit as a hybrid of the Primal 2 and the Trailhead/Mesa. We incorporated all of the features you have grown to love about these shoe models into one new and improved style!

The Primal Pursuit combines the fit and feel of the Primal 2 with its zero-drop and wide toe box, with the functionality and durability of the Trailhead/Mesa for more rugged Pursuits - see what we did there? ;)

The lightweight materials include an air mesh upper that allows for maximum air flow to wick away moisture and keep you presentable for a post-run brewski. The Primal Pursuit features the same zero-drop heel and wide toe box as the Primal 2 that allows the toes to behave like they are meant to - free and splayed.

You’ll never have to load your weekend getaway pack with multiple pairs of shoes for all of your adventures and social activities, the Primal Pursuit has got you covered for all of it!

  • Last: Lems WIDE Natural-Shape™ Last (wide toe box)
  • Upper: PU synthetic or suede with air mesh for breathability
  • Lining: 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Outsole: All new Trail Traction outsole with 3.5mm lugs 
  • Footbed: Adventure Insole - 4.5mm moisture wicking PU w/ firmer cushioning in heel for added protection + comfort
  • Stack Height: 14mm (5mm rubber outsole + 9mm EVA midsole)
  • Drop: 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • Weight: 10.5oz. (Men's 10)
  • Vegan: Nocturnal Ninja & Orion Blue colorways

Primal Pursuit vs. Primal 2 & Trailhead/Mesa: What’s the Difference?

For additional information please check out our FAQ page!

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    We recommend ordering 1/2 size larger for the Nocturnal Ninja, and your normal US size for Orion Blue and Canyon. If you need additional room in the shoe, you can remove the insole for extra volume. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at

    Sizing Charts + Measurements Guide

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    Canyon (Suede)


    Our newly designed outsole has recessed grooves and singular lugs, giving you the traction you need for any sticky situation!


    Lightweight, breathable air mesh covers the upper where the foot flexes, allowing for maximum comfort and mobility.


    Places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike.


    Unlike traditional footwear that squeeze the toes together, our foot-shaped toe box allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread.

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