Ah, Thanksgiving. This wonderful day means eating, napping, and that the holiday season has officially started. If you’re looking to fill the time between breakfast and your Thanksgiving feast, we put together a list of great activities. And because nothing pairs with holiday traditions like a pair of Lems, we’ve added some recommendations of which pair you should lace up.  

Turkey Trot 

While waking up to run on Thanksgiving Day might seem like the last thing you want to do, there is an upside—burning calories means more room for turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. The best pair for hitting the pavement on turkey day is most definitely the Mesa



Pre-meal family football

Down. Set. Snack. There’s no better way to prep for a huge spread than throwing around the pigskin with the people you love the most. We think the ultimate shoe for maximum touchdown dance capabilities is the Trailhead


Turkey Toss

Clearly the least traditional activity on this list, the Turkey Toss is apparently a Boston tradition. Throw your own, and throw some frozen turkeys as far as you can. But first, make sure to lace up a pair of Boulder Boots for maximum traction.   



Enjoy the Parade

Kick back with a cup of coffee, and take in the show on the one day of the year that you can see Snoopy, Santa, and The Grinch all in one place. Depending on your obligations in the kitchen, this might be the last opportunity to relax until after dinner, so enjoy it in the ultra-comfy Chukkas


Watch The Big Game

Is there anything more American than eating a huge meal with your favorite people and finishing it off with a football game? We think not. That’s why we picked a pair of boots inspired by our favorite city, Boulder. While you may think the Waterproof Boulder Boots are a bit extreme for just watching the game, we believe you should always be prepared.

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