If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I need a good…” this article is for you. While our strengths lie in knowing the best minimalist travel shoes, we’ve seen some great stuff while out exploring the world, and we’d love to share it.

Secret Scarf

If you’re the type that gets cold frequently this packable travel scarf is perfect for you. The best part? It also doubles as a place to keep your valuables safe. Tuck your passport into the secret pocket, and you’ll deceive even the most professional pickpockets. While there’s a few different brands on the market, you can find some of our favorites here and here

Space Bags

If you’re looking to travel light, space bags are one of the best ways to do it. Similar to shrink-wrapping your clothes, space bags maximize the amount of space your garments take up, leaving room for other vital travel items. Snag some here

Laundry Sheets

If you need to wash all those clothes you were able to pack thanks to the space bags, fear not! Travel laundry sheets are the easiest way to hand wash everything in your bag. We recommend these because they are biodegradable and phosphate free. 

Collapsible Water Bottle 

Everything's better when it’s minimal, including your water bottle. Whether you’re going through security at the airport or scaling a mountain, having a water bottle that fits where you need and fills when you need it is essential. 

Image Source: http://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-foldable-water-bottle-vapur-review.html

Packable Boots

You need a pair of shoes for hiking, a separate pair for going out, and another pair for traveling, right? Wrong. The Boulder Boot is your all-in-one, AND it folds up in the perfect casual minimalist shoe package to fit perfectly in your pack. Taking up about as much room as your puffy jacket, you’ll wonder how you traveled without them all this time. 

Well with all this great gear, the only thing left to do is plan your next trip. So, where will it be?

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