Take a minute and think who the most loyal and dedicated person in your life is. Person? That’s right. It's probably not a person. It’s your dog. And, the best accessory to your Lems.

It’s a Monday morning. Who wants to get out of bed, leave for work and get that adult day started? Not anyone I can think of. Except your pup that’s over at the door with her tail wagging, waiting for you to get up and take her for that morning hike. As unappealing as this may sound, once you finally get up, you’ll come around because you love your little furry friend. And, he loves you - probably more than you think!

The friendship between human and dog goes back hundreds and thousands of years. Dogs have proven to be the most loyal, understanding, dependent and kind creatures you’ll ever cross paths with. No matter what, your dog will undoubtedly protect you, give you unconditional love and always be there for you. She'll never mistreat you, disobey you or leave you – that’s some true canine loyalty right there - mainly because you’re everything to your dog. They’re always up for an adventure and will go wherever you take them, ensuring that you’ll never be alone. As the old saying goes, dog really is man’s best friend.

Whether you have a bad day or an awesome day, take a minute to really give some love to your dog. There’s no doubt that when you get home from your 8-hour work day, your pup will be sitting at the door, ready to happily greet you with that playful grin and wagging tail!

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