I held the door for a man at the gas station this morning, and saw him wincing, and wondered if his feet were hurting him. It is a new perspective I have on things, in part thanks to my Lems. I had been struggling with Plantar fasciitis and general foot pain for about 1 1/2 years and i recently read "born to run", and had a "lightbulb moment" when I could almost feel in my feet what was wrong. After some internet research i decided to buy a set of correct toes, and the Lems Boulder Boots. I immediately started to feel a change in my feet. I could wear these boots and walk around without the deadening pain coming on. It had gotten really bad. But now I could immediately feel it going away. I had other discomforts as my feet started using muscles that weren't getting used much, and the correct toes forced my feet into new positions, but it feel like a "good hurt," like I was headed in the right direction. I've only had the Lems about a week now, but wearing them almost all the time, and the correct toes a few hours every other day, the progress has been great! Already ordered my second pair of Lems! The shoe is comfortable, seems to be made well and i'm totally hooked. Super lightweight too. If you're having foot problems this may be your solution. Give them a try and check out correct toes as well. p.s. I'm not getting paid to advertise, although it probably sounds like it, I just really like these shoe! - Del

I received this pair of boots as a gift and I could not be happier. Every time I wear them someone asks where I got them. But not only do they look great, they are extremely comfortable. Highly recommend!! - Joe 

Outstanding product, wear them everyday and they feel like slippers! - Mike

Immediate comfort right out of the box! Super stylish design with nice wide shoebox for my wide flat feet. I normally wear a 9.5 M, but decided to order a size up in these boots (10-10.5 Lems sizing) and they fit perfectly. I will be ordering a pair of the boulder boot in Russet color alongside my newly received bad*ss looking Raven/black boots. Thank You Lem's! - FlatfootZ

Awesome boot. I wear mine working in my butcher shop and everyday wear. They are holding up well to the riggers of my work. I love the look as well. Help me keep my feet natural and comfortable, as I spend up to 12 hours on my feet a day. - Justin

These boots are fantastic. The fitting was spot on and so far a month in I have gone on camping and many rigorous hikes with them and they've held up very well. I'm very happy and impressed with the product. - Palmet

I traveled through the cities and countrysides of france and switzerland with absolutely no problems! My feet felt springy and light after about 40+ miles of hiking and walking! I highly recommend for any trip in any kind of terrain! - Steve

As a pedorthist at a clinic in Ottawa, Canada, we are always looking for functional footwear to recommend that doesn't look like granny/grampa shoes! This is my second pair of Boulder boots and am now super spoiled by the roomy toe box. Highly recommend and we send a lot of our patients to the Lems website!!! - Ryan

I was looking for a boot that was minimal in fit and weight, but good in fashion and protection. The Lem Boulder boot does all that and more. Highly recommended. - GW

I loved the boulder boot in leather russet so much that I bought another pair (buckeye) as soon as I tried them on. They transition from work, to party, to adventuring seamlessly, and I always get comments on how great (and comfortable) they look. I can't wait to take them traveling with me, and give them a proper field test through 6 weeks of adventures. Thank you team for creating a shoe I never want to take off. - Phillip 

I’ve now been wearing these boots for a month. I am very happy with them - I wore them every day on a weeks trip To New York City where I walked about 7 miles a day. I have the black leather and think they look pretty good. I have had plantar fasciitis and found that a zero drop shoe Is the best shoe for a lot of walking so I was so happy to find Lems. I find it very interesting that though there’s not a lot of cushioning my feet feel so comfortable. - Robin 

I love my Lems. I saw a stranger fashioning these stylish boots while I was vacationing in California and I fell in love. My fiance and I looked up the brand and bought ourselves matching pairs for our birthdays. We were looking for a pack-able, lightweight, versatile boot that was still comfortable and we have not been disappointed. When I had an issue, customer service was incredible quick to respond and super helpful in resolving my problem. Great boot, great company! - Alma

These boots are great!! Comfortable from the moment I put them on, great styling, and totally capable on the trail. I've only owned them for a week, so I can't comment on durability yet, but they feel solidly constructed. I brought these as my only pair of footwear on a holiday wine and hiking trip, and they performed equally well in both settings. In fact, I "broke them in" on a 5 mile hike up 1500 vertical feet - not the world's most technically challenging hike, but not a casual stroll in the woods either. We scrambled over boulder fields, navigated rocky dried stream beds, and skirted ice near the summit. I wouldn't have dared take a traditional pair of hiking boots on such a long, vertical trail to break them in, but these Boulder Boot were comfortable the entire way. Highly recommended, whether you're strolling through town or scrambling up a trail! - Rori

I bought my first pair of these earlier this year in preparation for my dream trip to Bhutan. In addition to packing these, I brought my regular hiking boots as well. What a waste of space that was, as once I put the Lems on I never took them off. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. There was zero breaking in and even after wearing them hiking for hours each day, my feet never ached. I wore these for the hike up to the Tiger's Nest, which is pretty much all uphill, and they were fantastic. I love these shoes so much I plan on getting a second pair in a different colour. - Lisa

I have pretty good toe splay from decades of yoga from a young age, which means that my feet are pretty, well, feet-shaped. On a Brannock device, I measure as extra wide (WW or EE). "Wide" shoes are typically not wide enough for my toes, but too wide around my heel and ankles. I had been suffering from bunions, blisters, and foot pain from having my feet squeezed before I decided to invest in a pair of these boots. I liked the tall and wide toe box and I typically like flexible soles that let me feel the ground. The day that they arrived, I had been walking around in ill-fitting shoes that caused sharp pain in the ball of my left foot. I was so excited when I got my Boulder boots that I laced them up right away and went out again. Within two hours of walking and sitting, the pain in my foot was completely gone! I've been happily wearing these boots nearly every day since then. I wish I had these years ago! I recommend them to anyone with foot issues. If you are used to stiff insoles and/or thick, squishy soled-shoes, it's a good idea to wear a flexible insole or two with minimal "barefoot" shoes and alternate them with your current shoe while you adjust. - Molly

I've been looking at Lem's shoes for a while now and decided to finally purchase the boulder boot. I wish I did this sooner. I was amazed at how naturally comfortable they are. I took them on a couple of mile hike and I noticed a big difference over my other hiking boots. What a difference in comfort! I hope that Lems continues to make different styles because these are my new favorite shoes. - Emily

This was my first foray into minimalist shoes so I had no idea what to expect. I LOVE these boots! I choose them over my other shoes every chance I get. So comfortable! I live in the mountains with a lot of wet, rainy weather. I did have my doubts about them being able to keep my feet dry since I would be so low to the ground in them. It hasn't been a problem at all. So impressed with them. Looking forward to adding another pair of Lems' to my collection soon. :) - Shanyn

My Lems have become my favorite shoe! They are so comfortable and cute. I have narrow feet but LOVE the wide toe bed, it allows me to walk properly. - Danielle

I love these boots even more than I thought possible. I was skeptical that they would fit my super-narrow feet, but customer-service was helpful in putting those fears to rest, so I ordered them. And I'm so glad I did! They are sturdy, lightweight, and SO COMFORTABLE. I wear them all the time. I do a lot of walking in the city and they are the only shoes I wear now. I like them laced loosely for taking the dog in and out and laced up tight for long treks to run errands around town. I haven't had a chance to get out on the trail with them yet, but have every confidence they'll be great. They're really amazing and honestly, they're the only fall/winter/spring shoes I plan on wearing. I guess that is unless I splurge on another pair of Lems (this was my first pair) which I haven't ruled out yet! I'm completely sold on this company because of these shoes. <3 - Hilary

Because I travel all the time, I am always looking for the perfect gear, to fit in my carry on luggage and the Lems leather boots made it! A perfect match if you look for some lightweight sturdy pair of warm hiking boots on the go.. very comfy, no need to walk them in. I also have the black boots, which I like from an esthetics point of view more, but the leather boots are warmer, so better suited for winter travel. Well done Lems! - Sofie

These are amazingly lightweight and perfectly flexible. The wide toe box makes these super comfortable. The leather is soft and supple. And the black with pinkish-red laces is just really cute. I was torn between these and the non-leather Buckeye (also very cute), but I'm glad I went with the black - they're a little more edgy (in the best possible way). I've already taken these on a long hike and they performed wonderfully. I plan to waterproof them and use them in all sorts of weather including snow. Well done, Lems! You really knocked this one out of the park. - Kelly

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Histoire de la chaussure

La conception des chaussures a évolué au fil du temps. Au départ, les chaussures de sport sont devenues courantes, motivées par le confort et la performance. Cependant, au fur et à mesure que les chaussures sont devenues à la mode, elles sont devenues moins pratiques et ont privilégié l'esthétique au détriment du confort.

Jetons un coup d'œil plus approfondi sur l'histoire de la chaussure et comprenons comment la conception des chaussures d'aujourd'hui a engendré toute une série de problèmes de pied, notamment les oignons, les orteils en marteauet et bien d'autres.

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