Wow. Our first OR Show was an incredible trip and an overwhelming success we will never forget.

We shared our story with everyone we could: clients, consumers and even competitors. Our philosophy is to educate people about living an more natural and healthy lifestyle by starting with the understanding “it all STEM’s from the ground up” and so we did not exclude anyone from hearing our story. We had such great conversations about shoes, bare feet, our evolution, foot pain, and so many others topics and that’s what made it such a touching experience for us.

We had all types of people try on STEM’s: people that wear Fivefingers, people that never would, people that sometimes like to go barefoot, and people that their doctors told them never to go without shoes. Everyone was first shocked how lightweight they are (6.3oz.) and then how comfy they felt. One guy was so excited that he offered to pay as much as he had to, in order to get a pair. It was the first pair of shoes that he EVER put on that didn’t hurt his bunion joint. We cut a deal with him so he walked out with the first pair of STEM’s ever sold.

Another guy tried on STEM’s and said it was the first pair of shoes that he wanted that were made by “someone other than himself.” He is a professional shoe tailor and has made all his own shoes for 40 years. He stopped by the booth all four days of the show asking when he could buy a pair.

We could have never imagined such a successful first OR show for STEM. Now we look forward to continuing the conversation, changing people’s lives and spreading STEM seeds everywhere. Look for some taking root in your area. Thanks to everyone who worked to make the show happen, from our booth builder to our print designer, sales team and logistics planners.

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