J. Washburn, of Best Leather, reviewed the Lems’ Nine2Five. He decided to try the shoes out for the past seven weeks prior to writing his review. See what he has to say!

J. Washburn, of Best Leather, decided to give the Nine2Five a try. After his reading of Born to Run, he decided to see what the whole minimalist shoe market was about.

“Of course, wearing the shoes strengthened those atrophied muscles and changed my gait a bit. But I’m not here to convert you. This review’s mostly for people who are already looking for a leather zero-drop shoe (shoes without heels). If that’s you, you’re in for a real treat, because the Lems Nine2Five Coffee&Cream are my favorite”, stated Washburn.

Prior to writing his review, I was in correspondence with J and he informed me that he wouldn’t be posting the review for a quite a few weeks. His reasoning was because he wanted to ensure an honest, truthful and unbiased review for readers – which I thought was pretty cool.

In his extensive review, he described the difference terrains that he tested the shoes out on, also, what to keep in mind when starting off wearing minimalist shoes, such as the Nine2Five.

“The soles are thin. Real thin. I took the insoles out of mine to add more width for my wide feet, and that made the bottoms even thinner. So thin that when strolling through the neighborhood, I gravitated toward walking in people’s yards. If you’re planning some extensive walking on concrete, these probably aren’t the shoes you’re looking for.”

He also made sure to hit on the overall functionality and weight of the shoes. J described how you can continuously wear the Nine2Fives without wanting to rip them off, and putting your feet up by the days end. He also shows how flexible they are and mentions the ease of traveling with shoes like these.

“These shoes are also extremely lightweight – literally more lightweight than my flip flops. This airiness makes them particularly comfortable. I don’t find myself slipping them off every chance I get like I do with other shoes.”

Want to hear the final conclusion on what J thought of the Nine2Fives? Feel free to check out the whole review HERE, at Best Leather.

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