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Zero-Drop Dress Shoes For Every Occasion

If you’re on your way to work, a wedding, or anything in between that calls for fancier footwear, but you’re all about that zero-drop life, look no further. Lems’ Nine2Fives are the most comfortable zero-drop dress shoes you’ve ever seen. 

Comfy Up Your Commute

If you’re the type that jumps on a bus or train to get to work, you have first-hand knowledge when it comes to bad shoes making a commute even longer. Blisters, bunions, and other foot ailments can easily occur when you’ve donned the wrong pair of dress shoes, and if you’re pounding the pavement in shoes with a significant drop when you generally swear by a minimalist pair, you could be jeopardizing your back. Lace up a pair of Nine2Fives and your feet will have the coziest commute of their lives. 

Dance The Night Away At A Wedding

Black tie event? No sweat! Better yet, no foot pain. If you’ve ever winced while walking in a pair of shiny tuxedo shoes, you’ll think the Lems’ Nine2Fives are the answer to your prayers. Not only will these zero-drop dress shoes help you bust a move via their super lightweight, flexible outsole, but you’ll be the envy of every groomsman when you’re still walking without a limp at the end of the night. 

From The Office To Anywhere

Don’t be the guy who holds everyone up on their way out of the office and into happy hour because you have to change shoes. We’ve looked high and low for zero-drop dress shoes that can compete with the Nine2Fives, and we still haven’t had success. It’s one thing to be this functional, but to also be so good looking both inside AND outside of the workplace, now that’s something to talk about. 

Whether you’re trekking through the outdoors or simply making your way to the office, you’ll find optimal comfort in the perfect formal footwear package with the Nine2Five. Ready to grab a pair? They’re waiting for you here.

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