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Prevent Stress Fractures with the Proper Footwear

Lems lives by a minimalist philosophy, which is why all of our shoes feature a maximum drop of 4mm, with our entire Barefoot Series possessing a zero-drop. Part of the reason why we’re such big proponents of avoiding the arch and cushioning is because of stress fractures. You probably have enough stress in your life, why would you want to add more?

The proper footwear can prevent against stress fractures in a few simple ways: 


Ill-fitting shoes are one of the biggest contributors to stress fractures. Because they don’t provide the proper support, you place your foot, ankle, and shins at risk of stress fractures. 

Avoiding The Arch

Stress fractures can be caused by weakened muscles in your foot, and having an over pronounced arch in your footwear can lead to a weakening of those muscles. Shoes with a minimal drop and no arch can help to keep your foot muscles thriving. 

Care & Repair

If you’re already working through a foot injury, minimalist shoes can not only help heal, but help prevent future injuries. Whether it’s stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, or any other common foot ailment, you might be surprised by the benefits of minimalist shoes. 

Ready to reduce injury and try out a possibly life-changing minimalist shoe? Grab yourself a pair of Lems today!

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