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I went through my own grueling foot pain journey and struggled for years to find shoes that fit and felt comfortable. Now that I am on the other side of it, I spend my time helping others find their way out too - because if there is anything that can put an unexpected stop to your life it’s foot pain.

While healing from foot pain is a multifactorial process, shoes are an essential piece to the puzzle! And I consider Lems to be a great place to start the healing process.

Why I Like Lems

The Lems models that I recommend are great for feet because:

  • They don’t restrict the toes from the sides or from above
  • They fit most foot shapes well, giving you space where you need it without being floppy elsewhere. 
  • They can accommodate arch support if needed, but also can be worn without it for a minimalist feel.
  • They’re zero drop (totally flat)
  • They have light to moderate cushioning

While I love my ultra thin ultra minimal shoes as much as the next barefoot enthusiast, sometimes I want a bit more cushion! Many of us will go through periods of pain and injury at some point, so in my opinion it’s wise to have a versatile shoe like Lems in your closet.

My Favorite Lems’ models

  • Primal Zen - These are the perfect starter shoe for people looking to improve their foot health. The fit is wonderful and fits so many different feet well. They let your toes spread out and relax, and have a bit of cushion underneath.

  • Primal 2 - If you like the idea of the Primal Zen but want something thinner and more flexible, the Primal 2 is a more minimal option. Again, the fit is versatile and they’re a great everyday shoe.

  • Telluride - These boots have a moccasin style stitch around the top which gives lots of vertical space in the toe box. These are my favorite fall/winter style when I need some extra cushion because they’re so soft and spacious, but secure around my heels and ankles.

  • Chelsea - Similar in fit to the Telluride but in a pull-on style, the Chelsea was an immediate favorite of mine. Slip-ons are slightly trickier to get the perfect fit in (because no laces), but they are so convenient. If they’re loose on you, check out these fit hacks to take care of it.

Another fun thing about these models is that they become softer and more flexible over time, giving you that perfect worn-in fit. 

Wherever you are on your foot health journey, shoes like these can support you on your way!

Wishing you happy, healthy feet in 2024. ♥️

About Anya: Anya is a barefoot shoe enthusiast turned industry expert who runs the comprehensive barefoot shoe website Anya’s Reviews and retail store Anya’s Shop. She has been a leader in the movement toward natural foot care and minimalist shoes since 2018.

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