Correct Toes have been tested and proven by hundreds of patients to re-align the toes and straighten the big toe. They can be worn inside our Lems Origins (Primal 2, Boulder Boot, Nine2Five, Mariner) due to our wide toe box and natural fitting design.

These are fantastic. I have been wearing them for the past two weeks and the muscles in my feet are already realigning. I love these. - Jeanne

These inserts really help space my little toes out & help me balance better on uneven terrain. - David

I love all my cute shoes, but not what they have done to my feet. Correct Toes are helping me get back to a natural toe splay. I am working on regaining strength in my little toes and Correct Toes is helping me achieve this. I wear a women's 8 1/2 US and the medium-sized Correct Toes fit me with no modifications. I can wear them with or without toe socks. - Leah

I tried these after watching the video and checking out the Correct Toes website. The website says they fit perfectly in Lems Shoes and so I bought both together. It's like a match made in heaven. I wear them when I walk and it truly relieves my pain from my bunion! No surgery after-all! Yay Correct Toes. - Andrew

My husband and I both wear these and love them. My husband has a hip that has been painful for years and when he wears these his hip no longer hurts. They really give you a better base of support in standing. - Kim

So far I am so pleased with the comfort and the ease in which you can use these. My right foot is very out of line but am seeing progress and know that it will take some time. Also I had one toenail that was almost dead from being hidden under another and am seeing vast improvement in it already! - Merrie

I feel like this is an amazing product if you have issues with cramped toes for sure. I have been running barefoot and wearing sandals for a long time now so the only place I feel it when I use these is my little pinkies. That is okay with me. I will keep using them until I do not feel that and then probably give them to someone that really needs them and will actually use them. I have also been walking in them with a pair of Lems shoes and they work perfectly together. This is a really great product and will definitely recommend them to anyone I see with "ugly" feet. Really glad you guys are selling these! Thank you for everything you are doing to turn around the body de-morphism are society promotes! - Zane

I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for the past 3 years and I feel I've tried it ALL!! *Except surgery; I don't want surgery if I can avoid it!!...

The 1st pair of LEMS Shoes I got: 
Primal 2's. After ONLY wearing the Primal 2's (in combination with Correct Toes) for a Week, my Plantar Fasciitis had Noticeably Improved as did my Walking Form and Balance. I wore them during both my Workouts and My Job...

All in all, I LOVE my LEMS Shoes/Boots [in Combination with the Correct Toes]. I Couldn't Be Happier!! My Plantar Fasciitis is on the Mend and my Walking Form and Balance have both Improved. Here is to Healthy Strong Feet. - Robert

I am thrilled with correct toes!!! I am a new user with only a month under my belt, but I already see and feel a difference so I know I am on the right path! Due to a disabling work accident involving back/hip/knee on my left side, my walking, gait, and balance are permanently impacted. After dealing with this for quite a while my feet have now joined in with various pains, hammer toes, bunions, fallen arches, etc. Finding Lems and now living in my correct toes almost 24 hours a day has already started to straighten out all the issues. Hurray! - Holly

I have been wearing these since I received them in the mail. At first, some of my toes were tender. After a few days, I am wearing them over 8 hours a day. My feet feel stable and I stand on my feet for 9 hours a day. My feet feel so much better, as well as my knees. I am so glad I ordered these, and the shoes! I am getting another pair for Christmas! - Shelley

Been wearing correct toes for almost 2 years now and love the product. They fit well inside my Lems. After 1.75 years I got a small tear in one of them so overall I would say they are fairly durable. Most importantly, I am starting to feel the separation of my toes and better toe control. - Adam

I read about Lems on a hiking blog and "stumbled upon" the Correct Toes. (Sorry for the pun.) They are fantastic. I wear them with my Primal 2s when I walk every evening. I can wear them with my sandals and Alegria to work but will need to invest in more wide shoes. I wear a 6 or 6 1/2 and am currently wearing a small size. I have pieces of a shoe insert in the pocket beside the big toes. I think I may move up to a medium soon. I am attempting to prevent the progression of a bunion on my right foot and after three weeks, I think I may be successful. - Ellen

I have been suffering from Morton's Neuroma for a while and it had reached the point that I could not walk without severe pain. Ibuprofen was my friend! But even wearing Crocs and limping a lot, I thought my days of walking my dog and hiking were over. Correct Toes saved me. I started wearing them a little at a time. Then worked my way up to always have them on, inside shoes, my Crocs, etc. They pull my toes apart enough that my neuroma is not pinched. The neuroma also has calmed down a lot since getting them and so am taking little Ibuprofen. Back to walking without pain and my dog is happy. Best. Invention. Ever. - Marsha

These are great. I have been working on my toe spread for years and these seem to be helping reverse my bunion. I have found that I really only need them on one foot. My toes are so spread on the other foot that the correct toes don't stay on it. - Tracy

Sizing: I am just between small and medium sizes. I tried them both. Small was a bit hard to put on but possible. Medium size was slipping from my feet, but I did modifications with the help of the video and now they stay on my feet. Medium size is better for me. I have a bunion on one foot and CT tend to slip from this foot. 2 plasters managed to keep them:). I also need to put on a plaster when I go outside because a bunion chafes my skin. Toe socks would help as well, I think. It's only this bunion that chafes my skin, other 8 toes are fine. And I don't like wearing socks at home, so I prefer plaster. I wear CT all the time: barefoot at home, and with Lems Primal2 and Boulder Boots outside. I hope they'll be able to treat my flat feet and bunion with time. The bunion doesn't get better or worse, there isn't any pain. For now, they give me comfort and I feel my feet are stronger and more stable. I was wearing Small size for 7 months, and they could serve much longer (there is only a tiny tear, they only began to wear out). I've been wearing Medium size for 2 months and I see no signs of breaking. - Katherine

I don't have the patience to wear them during the day so I just wear them to sleep. After 2 nights of sleeping in them, I saw that my balance improved! That was exciting. I also feel my feet decompressing when I wear them at night--so totally adds to feeling relaxed. I'm a happy customer for sure. - Loan

I wear these with socks when I am at home or sleeping and with my crocks. I feel the relief throughout my body. Love them! - Tim

So glad I got these with my Lems! Can improve my toe spread with or without shoes on! - BJ

I wear my Correct Toes as much as I can, often with a pair of socks over them to help keep them in place when I'm not wearing any shoes. The only downside I've found is that I think they're a little too big. I bought a S/M, but now the company makes separate S and M sizes. I probably would do better with the smallest size. - Laura

I bought these for my Mom because she's been complaining about her Neuromas. Like she's stepping on a wadded-up sock. She says they're helping and that numbness has gone away. She showed her podiatrist and he loved them. I asked, "why doesn't everyone know about this!" - Rachel

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