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There’s quite a lot of myths and half-truths when it comes to what being a “minimalist” really is. It’s not about moving out of your house and living out of a box on the street, which is what some people think. Wrong! It’s about eliminating excess in your life to make room for the important things – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

To be a minimalist is not just some gimmick, a stereotype or a bandwagon to jump on – it’s simply a lifestyle. Being a minimalist is making time and space for what’s really important in your life.

Important? Broad term, I know. But think about it, what do you really need in your life? It’s time we start to discover more with less – (I’ll give credit to Steve for that line). Anyways, here’s 7 reasons why adopting a minimalistic lifestyle can benefit your life –

1. You’ll appreciate the little things.

In short, more is not better, better is better. The things you’ll find to appreciate is the roof over your head, the friends that you have, the food in your fridge and the bed that you sleep in. Doesn’t sound like all that much, right? Reality check – some people in the world don’t even have that. So take a step back and think about it: what more do you honestly need?

2. Healthier mind. Healthier body. Healthier Life.

Everyone is always complaining that they don’t have the time to stay active, fit, nor healthy. Well, pump the breaks on the shopping and obsessing over materials things – essentially, what in hindsight, doesn’t really matter. After that, you’ll have all the time in the world! Take a walk, go for a hike or try out that local yoga class down the street. When you stop worrying about your unnecessary materials and start focusing on your well being, I promise that you will enjoy an overall happy, healthy life.

3. Travel made easy.

I know that since I’ve personally been on this minimal lifestyle change, traveling has become such a breeze. I recently took a weekend trip with my friends from back home and it was pretty comical to see the difference. Not only was I the only one to not check a back, but my carry-on was barely even full. Live minimal? Pack minimal. I mean come on, what all do you really need for 3 days?

4. Less stress.

The fewer things you have to worry about, the more you can focus on the more important stuff. Your home, your space and your thoughts will become less cluttered and allow the time for you to focus on what really matters in life.

5. Self-confidence.

Okay, so you don’t have designer clothes from head to toe, a Lambo., or a cruise ship. So what? You’re still breathing? Good. But seriously, imagine how awesome you would feel about yourself even without those things. Do things naturally and purchase what’s necessary. Don’t put all of your time and happiness into material things, or strive on what you look like before you walk out the door. It’s not about what you have, anymore – it’s about who you are.

6. Less stuff.

All of the “stuff” we surround ourselves with is either simply a distraction or items for comfort. Why do we need it you ask? 99.9% of the time we don’t – BUT it fills that short term void we’re all stressing about. The less “stuff” you have, the less time you have to invest your energy in organizing, repairing, maintaining, cleaning or paying for it.

7. One word: purpose.

Being a minimalist will help you recognize and appreciate what makes the life around you beautiful. Volunteer, donate your old clothes that have been hanging in your closet untouched for the past 3 years, and just contribute to this amazing life you’re living. Eliminating the unnecessary activities from your life will provide you with a clear sense of purpose – leaving you motivated and willing to do what you’ve set out to do from the beginning. #LiveEasyandMinimal.

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