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Womens Primal 2 Black

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Womens Primal 2 Black

Womens Primal 2 Black

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6.9oz Lightweight Barefoot Sneaker


We don't always wear shoes, but when we do, we choose the OG of the Lems line, the Primal2 - an ultra-minimalist, everyday shoe that lets you get the most out of every day. Its' wide toebox, natural shape, and inspired minimalist running shoe design are ideal for any daily deed that your calendar calls for. Did we mention the zero drop outsole will make you more grounded than a spring chicken with aspirations of flight? Or the lightweight 6.9oz frame that gives you the impression that your feet are on cloud 9? Oh, and how about the super soft, vegan friendly materials that allow the foot to flex like a master of yin yoga? These features come together to comprise the Primal2. All this while promoting healthy foot development and aiding in alleviating certain foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes. A package deal like the Primal2 is rarer than a unicorn colony dwelling under any double rainbow! So, whether standing at work, walking the dog, or running everyday errands, the Primal2 is certainly the 'go to shoe' for you. What are you waiting for? Carpe diem and seize yourself a pair of the insanely comfortable Primal2.

  • LAST  Lems Natural-Shape Last
  • UPPER  Super-soft microfiber + open-weave mesh (100% vegan)
  • LINING 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • OUTSOLE  8.0mm LemsRubber (air-injection rubber)
  • FOOTBED  3.0mm removable PU insole
  • INSOLE BOARD  1.0mm PU strobel (lined with fabric on top)
  • STACK HEIGHT  9.0mm (not including 3.0mm footbed)
  • DROP 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • WEIGHT  6.9oz/195g (size 43)


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  • 5
    Freedom for my toes!

    Posted by Heather on Jun 1st 2017

    These shoes are great. They're super comfortable and nice looking as well. I've often bought men's shoes in the past to get more space for my toes, but the Lems are even better. I was a bit worried they'd look like clown shoes, but although the toe box is wider, the shape isn't too alarming. Gi highly recommend these shoes.

  • 5
    Women's Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Joann on May 30th 2017

    My trainer suggested these shoes and he was right. I couldn't be happier - they are so comfortable and they work great for working out and for walking the in the City. I'll probably buy a second pair.

  • 5
    Womens Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Unknown on May 25th 2017

    Bought Primal 1 back in 2011. Tried replacing them with a number of other competitors' shoes. Gave up on finding a comparable product. I'm back for good.

  • 4
    womens primal 2 black shoe

    Posted by Dorothy Gilbert on May 24th 2017

    My new favorite shoes, even with a few minor issues encountered. Things I love, large roomy toe box, very flexible but non-squishy soles that give great ground feel and comfort, lightweight, true to size. two small issues, due to material of upper I have to wear socks to prevent blisters on feet with areas of concern back of heel and when walked twelve miles in them barefoot also had very small area of broken skin on top of big toe, not much of an issue, not an issue with shorter walks. Only material of upper shoes that I have not had issues of blisters when going barefoot was flyknit material found in another brand, but that brand had too squishy of a sole to be considered a real barefoot version of shoe, so I still choose these over those. Very comfortable with my smartwool socks to help prevent blisters. Would have given them 5 stars if not for blister potential of upper material, but still my pick for favorite new shoe due to comfort and good ground feel, which I was looking for.

  • 3
    Good, but one disappointing flaw

    Posted by Heather on May 15th 2017

    I was happy to find these Lems to replace my old vivo barefoot shoes that are no longer made. These shoes meet all my criteria: minimalist does, large toe box, synthetic materials, and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, after wearing the shoes for two months, there are already holes in the mesh where my big toe hits. I hope that Lems will consider redesigning the shoe at some point to prevent this from happening. I would definitely purchase another pair if this issue was addressed.

  • 5
    Women's primal 2

    Posted by Teresa on May 4th 2017

    Love this shoe! I walk/run (literally) between 12 and 15 miles daily in a warehouse and this shoe provides the barefoot experience I love while meeting safety regulations and protecting the bottoms of my feet! Fit is perfect too!

  • 5
    I wear nothing but these shoes

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2017

    I wear no other shoes but these shoes since I discovered them over two years ago. My feet feel the best they have ever felt, and my foot ailments have fully resolved. I wear them without the liners--that works best for me.

  • 5
    Women's Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Jerry K. on Apr 30th 2017

    Wow! I am so amazed at how comfortable and easy these are to wear. I'm on my feet alot at work and I can't think of the last time before these shoes that I didn't come home complaining about how my feet hurt.

  • 5
    Womens Primal 2 - Black

    Posted by Shelley Thompson on Apr 30th 2017

    My first LEM shoe - Perfect fit! Supremely comfortable even after 9 hours constantly on the go. Only issue is a small spot of glue (?) where the two types of fabric meet on the toe of left shoe. No one notices it, but it bugs me every time I look down at my shoes.

  • 4
    Womens Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Amy Jo on Apr 28th 2017

    Great shoes! Perfect for running in and walking

  • 5
    Lems Primal

    Posted by Bev on Apr 21st 2017

    Superbly comfortable. So easy to wear for long periods of time.

  • 5
    Awesome shoes

    Posted by Ruby on Apr 20th 2017

    I am on my feet all day in a pretty physical job. These shoes are extremely comfortable.

  • 5
    my new shoes

    Posted by joan on Apr 19th 2017

    love the shoes, but couldn't find any other colors in my tiny size, but could find these!

  • 5
    cute and comfortable!

    Posted by Annette Friskopp on Apr 19th 2017

    I am very athletic and with other shoes I crunched a nerve. Now I wear these with toe socks and Correct Toes - now my nerve and feet are very happy and I'm back to being active!

  • 5
    Easy steppers :)

    Posted by CKS on Mar 8th 2017

    Ahhh.....10 weeks out from foot surgery and these shoes have made it possible for me to get into shoes at all. I'm so glad I researched until I found the perfect post surgery shoe. The natural shape allows the wide toe bed I need without any tightness. Light flows through the fabric so I know my feet are well ventilated and the low heel makes it so easy to slip my foot in. Then, the lightweight construction and flexibility makes me feel like I'm not even wearing shoes, yet, gives the support and comfort needed so it's not like being barefoot. Amazing! I was concerned with my 5a heel size that they would be loose. I was thrilled when I put them on and they fit snugly, no slipping! :) Shoes do not get better than this. I've told everyone I meet about them. Physical therapist seemed intrigued; had never heard of them, as well as my podiatrist.

  • 5
    LEMS Primal 2

    Posted by Julia on Mar 2nd 2017

    I was very hesitant to order these shoes because of the cost and the number of times that I have returned or given away shoes that didn't work for me. I have a significant bunion and have begun to increase my physical activity in hopes of getting off some medication. Well, these shoes are the BEST! They don't hurt my bunion, they have ample toe space, and I can walk miles without feeling foot or leg fatigue. I've never owned shoes that were flat but read only good things about such footwear. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone with foot problems. The downside is that they don't have a 4E width for my husband who desires a pair.

  • 5
    My Favorite Shoes

    Posted by H on Feb 24th 2017

    These are my first minimal shoes (zero-drop shoes that allow toe splay), and now I don't want to wear anything else. I had been wearing lower-drop shoes (4mm), and have had no problems transitioning to walking in these. My feet are lacking in fat pads (mainly ball of foot), but I get no pain from walking a couple of miles on hard surfaces. In most shoes I wear a women's size 11 (C/D - with a wide forefoot and narrow heel), and I bought these in a 43. It's a good fit, although occasionally my toes hit the front if not laced up tightly. I live in a cold climate and have only gotten to wear these outside a few times on warmer days, but have been wearing them to work (casual office) often. They don't work at all for rainy days, snow, or puddles. However, they will be great when it's warmer out!

  • 5
    It was love at first sight!

    Posted by Jan Charlesworth on Feb 23rd 2017

    I've returned 3 different pairs of minimalist shoes (New Balance, Merrel and Vibram). These were the first pair that I didn't feel any stitching on the inside. I have fell in love hard and I've only had them a week. I hope you feel the same way.

  • 5
    Love these shoes!

    Posted by JW on Jan 19th 2017

    I have had to buy extra wide running shoes to make my toes feel comfortable in them. I have sent so many pairs back to Zappos and Amazon I'm surprised they still let me shop there. I emailed Lems to confirm my size and ordered the Primal 2s. Got the size right on the first try and they are so comfortable from the first wear!! I ordered a pair of mariners because I love these so much.

  • 5
    Primal 2

    Posted by Donna on Jan 19th 2017

    These shoes are extremely comfortable and easy to wear with toe spacers. The customer service department of this company is also outstanding--5 stars!

  • 5
    Primal 2

    Posted by DebK on Jan 16th 2017

    These are so comfortable! I wear them almost everyday, I also started wearing them for my kettlebell workout class recently. I want to try the boulder boots next. My only complaint would be having to pay for shipping for exchanges, and the long several week replacement time...

  • 5
    Most Comfy Shoes Ever!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 15th 2017

    I have never worn minimalist shoes prior to buying these puppies, but after putting on an old pair of flat tennis shoes and finding them surprisingly comfortable, I started looking for a similar but wider version. And then I found these little gems! I have a slightly wider than average forefoot and honestly thought these would not be roomy enough. They were and they fit perfectly. I went by their size chart and picked a 42 - I wear a 9-9.5 in women's, depending on the shoe type. If you have a really wide foot, these might not allow for full toe splay, but my goodness will they feel like such a welcome relief from conventional footwear when you put them on. I have a wide array of "comfort" shoes with ridiculously thick soles and stiff, sculpted insoles none of which ever really did much. But these are just amazing. They are so comfortable I've been sneaking them into the office, but my oh my it would be awesome if Lems made some more business casual shoes for women - maybe a nice simple ballet flat. Pretty please?

  • 4
    would be ideal with a different material behind the heel

    Posted by Karen on Jan 8th 2017

    These shoes are super comfortable and I wear them almost every day. The only thing I would change is the fabric/faux-leather behind the heel. When I wore socks, the fabric would "grip" the sock and it would rub the back of my heel and I got really bad blisters. Ended up putting a piece of duct tape over it and that solved the problem.

  • 4
    womens primal 2 black

    Posted by IDA ASPINALL on Jan 5th 2017

    I am really pleased with these shoes! Wasn't sure what to expect, and had to return the original pair that got sent to me (I had read reviews that these shoes ran small, so normally I wear a US 10, so I got 43. Big mistake. They were far too huge). Although it took the returns department a while to resend the correct size (3 weeks from the date that I sent the size 43 pair back I didn't hear anything from them and so emailed multiple times before finally getting a response!), the size 42 shoes fit really well. I love the shape of the soul, no more rubbing on my tailor's bunions! I use these shoes to massage up to 5 hours a day, and then take them out for my jogs. They have held up really well for being well used every single day. I'm happy as a clam!

  • 5
    Best workout shoes

    Posted by Brittany on Dec 17th 2016

    These are absolutely fantastic shoes! They are very comfortable, so flexible, and minimalist to boot! These are by far the best shoes I have ever worked out in. You can wear these for just about anything. Lems are so comfortable, you don't even think about your shoes/feet at all.

  • 5
    Lems Womens Primal 2

    Posted by Sara on Dec 16th 2016

    These are great shoes. I have hallux rigidus in my right big toe and wanted something comfortable that would also allow me to strengthen my feet. These are perfect for that. I also like the way that they look for casual wear. I appear to be wearing "normal" shoes but really feel closer to barefoot.

  • 5
    Womens Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2016

    These shoes are so comfortable! My toes have a lot of room to just enjoy themselves.

  • 4
    Great but slightly larger than the old primal 2's

    Posted by Jenny on Dec 11th 2016

    I have been a huge fan of lems for years. I ordered these to replace an older pair of the Primal 2's. The sizing guide said to order the same size in the new model. But the new 43's seem to be about a half size larger than the previous iteration. Had I known this I would have ordered a size smaller.

  • 5
    Women's Primal 2 Black

    Posted by Susan Parente on Dec 11th 2016

    I love my Lems! I recently started walking in the Metro Parks and needed walking shoes. I was walking in my Keens but wanted walking/running shoes. I ordered a few different shoes on Amazon but they just didn't fit. The Lems are perfect! Perfect zero drop shoes!

  • 5
    Lems Women's Primal 2

    Posted by Karen on Dec 7th 2016

    OMG I will never wear another shoe ever! Fits absolutely perfect, true to size and gives my feet room to breath and live life on the wild side. Hike, play, hang out, workout, this shoe is the best. It's like I'm barefoot only protected from the elements. LOVE this shoe. Totally primal!

  • 4
    Women's Primal Black

    Posted by Ginger on Dec 5th 2016

    I really like the spaciousness for my toes, and the awesome flexibility of the shoe. However, I did NOT like the many little bumps that were part of the insert. I felt that they made it too uncomfortable. So I will have to take them out and find replacements. Why do you do that? Why not some nicely cushioned pad? Because of this, I give the shoes 4 stars and not 5.

  • 4

    Posted by EliVegan on Dec 3rd 2016

    First, let me say that I love 5 fingers and have gone through many pairs over the past 5 years...this year I decided to try something different and began looking into a minimalist runner without the separated toes. Partly for the colder weather, as having more of a mitten on my feet rather than a glove will help with warmth, and I did sort of get tired of all the comments on 5 fingers from strangers. Also, I figured, a regular style shoe would be quicker to put on and take off...I work in the footwear department at a large outdoor retailer and tried on all the minimalist merrells and they felt very uncomfortable, with what felt like a rock under the arch. I heard about Lems and decided to take a risk and order a pair, since no stores sell them in Maryland, where I live. It was love at first try-on! I've been wearing them basically everyday and have some some long hikes and rock scrambling (wish they had a bit sticker sole and rubber toe rand). I love these shoes!! super easy and quick to take on and off. Love that they are vegan. I would have given them 5 stars, but there is already a hole on the fabric (near the right inside ankle area) and I have only had them about a month. It would be great if they used more durable materials, like hemp. (I can direct Lems to hemp fabric companies if interested) Great shoe! I'll probably buy these again and have been considering the boulder boot as well, although I may try the evolv approach shoes in the meantime since I want an approach shoe that's minimalist and vegan and looks like the primals won't hold up to much hiking for long.

  • 5
    Comfortable, Great for Warm/Dry Weather

    Posted by Nancy on Nov 3rd 2016

    It was a long process of figuring out the size (I ordered 42 for my size 10 feet) and they were VERY tight. I wanted room to wear my Correct Toes and warm socks for winter, so I upped to a size 44. They work great, but shipping was so SLLLLOOOOOWWWWW. Since I had to wait for the first pair to ship, send them back and wait for the second pair it was 6 weeks or more before I actually got to wear them. (And I dislike having to pay for return shipping--many shoe companies do not charge especially if you are replacing with a different size.) But I love the size 44. There is plenty of room for CT and socks. They are thin and flexible enough to feel the shape of the ground under my feet when walking on varied terrain, but thick enough on the bottom to protect from sharp things. I did get some blackberry thorns in through the top mesh though. I just wish there was a waterproof option. Since I try to walk off the sidewalk/road I'm in tallish grass/weeds which are soaking wet this time of year, so after every walk they are sopping wet all the way through. It is damp here in the pacific northwest and things dry slowly. I have usually been wearing the insoles as I do have to walk on quite a bit of sidewalk as well, and they are a pain to put back in straight since I have to take them out to dry. I don't know if I'll be able to wear these shoes when the temperature really drops as the combination of soaking wet and really cold might be too much. The black color and non-flashy design are great, and despite the big size, they don't make my feet look overly large.

  • 5
    Caveman Feet

    Posted by Panayiotis Karabetis on Oct 27th 2016

    Vibram's 5-Finger were my go-to shoes before, but I appreciate the simplicity and style of Lems footwear. I put the Primal 2's through the ringer and they take a beating without making my feet smell, which happened every time I wore my Vibram's. I love these shoes!

  • 5

    Posted by Roberta on Oct 25th 2016

    I purchased the shoes on the recommendation of my trainer. They are so comfortable that I will never wear another sneaker.

  • 5
    Comfortable and Lightweight

    Posted by Tabitha Ochtera on Oct 20th 2016

    I love these sneakers! They were the first pair of Lems I purchased - I originally ordered a 42 but ended up exchanging them for a 43 because my big toe hit the front of the 42 when walking. I love the wide toe box and always looks, with no success, for shoes that have room for my toes. I have been wearing these for a little over a week now and am so happy! I have super flat feet and wear othrotics and am hoping that these shoes will help with heel & toe pain.

  • 5
    Lab Manager

    Posted by Sarah on Oct 10th 2016

    I purchased these in black primarily for my trip abroad to England. I wanted something light and very comfortable for long days of walking the streets of London as well as the country footpaths. These shoes fit the bill perfectly, and I felt that their appearance didn't scream "American tourist".

  • 5
    Title of what?

    Posted by Lex on Oct 7th 2016

    Love these shoes! They are just what I was looking for. A shoe that gives me a good barefoot feel but with some grip for the rainy season and don't look like anything other than a basic black shoe. Great for everyday wear.

  • 5

    Posted by Zi Kingon on Sep 30th 2016

    I LOVE my Primal 2 shoes - have purchased 2 pair and just the other day, purchased a pair of boots for when the weather is cooler. These shoes are so easy and comfortable to wear! I have very happy feet when they are wearing Lems Primal 2's! Thank you.

  • 5
    Feldenkrais practitioner, group fitness instructor

    Posted by Becky on Sep 16th 2016

    This is my second pair of Lems. I greatly appreciate the design and how comfortable these are to wear when I walk and teach. I use Correct Toes, and the combination is perfect for my feet.

  • 4

    Posted by Katie on Sep 10th 2016

    I have bunions and bunionettes, the wide toe box in these shoes make them very comfortable. I can add toe correctors and my feet do not feel squished. The only complaint I have is that you really need to know your size, I accidentally ordered the wrong size and ended up having to return them at a cost of $15. I also suggest going up a size if you are in between sizes.

  • 5
    LOVE THEM X 1,000

    Posted by Vicki on Aug 22nd 2016

    Thank you so much for inventing these shoes! I stand at work for 40 hours a week (for the past 8 years) and was starting to have a lot of foot, knee and hip pain. With these shoes and correct toes life is much better, with no more pain. I ordered a pair for my husband and will be getting the violet ones in the future.

  • 5

    Posted by Cj on Aug 13th 2016

    My feet are in bliss! My toes have room without being squashed, the shoes are so light and comfortable it IS like being barefoot but with protection on the tender soles. I want to order 3 more pair, just so I always have a back up pair. I also love that they are solid black, as I wear them everywhere, and often running shoes are so gaudy. The solid black makes them blend with everything. HAPPY FEET!!! love my Lem's!

  • 5

    Posted by Cathy on Aug 7th 2016

    I've been wearing these shoes around for about a month. I've worn them to work with dress pants (a bit of a stretch!), walking around the city, walking through Red Rock park...just about everywhere. They are really comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone. I like the minimal feel a lot and they are cool enough to wear in the hot summer months instead of flip flops. When I first ordered them, I ordered a size to small. The return/exchange process was simple and efficient. Much recommended!

  • 5
    Perfect Shoe

    Posted by Jessica on Jul 27th 2016

    Besides my fivefingers, I have trouble finding anything that is comfortable, as I like toe space as well as a low profile and zero lift. Let's shoes not only fit the bill, they exceed it. I have found myself wearing them over my fivefingers! (Shhh, don't tell anyone...)

  • 5

    Posted by Robin on Jul 25th 2016

    Fantastic shoe..the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. It feels as if I am barefoot. They run really small though. I wear a women's size 8 and all my other shoes are size 38. I had to get a size 41 in the Lems in order for them to fit. Love them!!

  • 5
    Great casual shoe/sneaker

    Posted by Rhonda Mcclain on Jul 25th 2016

    I wear my Primal 2 Black size 43 (10.5 women) with correct toes and/or toe socks. I damaged the big toe on my right foot and now most footwear presses against it, but not my Primal's, not even with the correct toes. They are comfortable. I wear they to the gym as a sneaker/athletic shoe, and as a casual shoe for a job that does not have a strict dress code. I am still wishing for an cute flat shoe that I can wear with dresses. While this is a great shoe and I wear it 5-6 days out of the week, I can't wear it everyday (style reasons.) But I give it 5 stars for comfort, wide toe box and because of similarity in style to other athletic shoes, so I don't get "weird shoe" grief.

  • 4
    I like them!

    Posted by Jessica on Jul 24th 2016

    I love the shoes! They are comfortable. They look great. my only complaint is that they aren't a bit wider around my little toe area. For that, it only gets 4 stars. No wider in the heel though!! no need for that! If you're looking for a shoe that will give your big toe enough room to lie straight, these are spectacular. I searched far and wide to find a place to try these on. I haven't seen any other shoes like these. I wish that more stores sold them.

  • 5
    So Good You'll Want To Pass Them Along

    Posted by S. Lynch on Jul 22nd 2016

    I bought a pair of Lem's Primal 2 shoes for myself. I was so impressed after just a few days of wearing them that I bought another pair for my sister. She was delighted as well. We are both walking comfortably in our new shoes.

  • 5
    Might just be the best shoes for happy feet!

    Posted by Christine on May 26th 2016

    If I'm not wearing my Boulder Boots or bare minimalist grounding sandals, I'll be wearing my Primal 2. I'm so happy with how comfortable and lightweight these shoes are, with or without socks. They are so breathable -- I think I prefer wearing them barefeet! I use them as a casual shoe at work and for running errands more than performance athletic wear. I found the the style of the Women's Nine2Five and Mariner still very unisex or more like men's shoes so I went with the Primal 2. Sizing is perfect. I love the wide toe box and that it's still comfortable with my Correct Toes. These shoes have become my go to shoes since I've ditched heels and even prefer them over my Vibram Five Finger shoes. Lems products are everything I've always wanted for healthy feet. I often catch myself saying how much I love my Lems! SUGGESTIONS: Maybe even thinner soles for better ground feel and possibly even quieter (I like to be stealthy, but that's just me!). I'd love a more casual vs performance design and even dressier footwear. Also, please consider designing sandals and children's footwear! I want healthy feet for my daughter too!