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Mens Boulder Boot Black

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Mens Boulder Boot Black

Mens Boulder Boot Black

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9.9oz *Vegan Lightweight Packable Boot

Finding boots that are ultra-minimalist, featuring a wide toebox, lightweight form, and zero-drop design is more difficult than locating the infamous Sasquatch…but why?  Where is the minimalist boot that is the natural shape of the human foot; a boot that brings your feet closer to the earth with a barefoot design; a boot so lightweight that it cuts down on ounces more than this week's fad diet; and a boot that has a wide toebox with more open space than the state of Kansas? Well, guess what, Dorothy? Welcome home!

We here at Lems Shoes believe that you don't need to be some environmentalist who survives on organic granola and berries to know that going natural can have its benefits, which is why we bring you the Boulder Boot - a barefoot boot that has all of the natural features you’ve been searching for all while promoting healthy foot development, better balance, increased mobility in the feet, legs, and back AND helps to alleviate certain foot ailments such as bunions and hammer toes. If you're ready for a 9.9oz boot (size 43) that can pack down into the smallest of daypacks or carry you on the farthest of Sasquatch searches, then it’s time you rock the Boulder.

  • LAST      Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
  • UPPER   1200 denier nylon - *VEGAN
  • LINING   100% cotton
  • OUTSOLE   9.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
  • FOOTBED   3.0mm removable PU insole
  • INSOLE BOARD   1.0mm PU strobel (lined with fabric on top)
  • STACK HEIGHT   10.0mm (not including 3.0mm footbed)
  • DROP   0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • WEIGHT   9.9oz/280g (sz 43)


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  • 5
    Lems Boulder Boot

    Posted by Connor on May 22nd 2017

    By far the best money I've ever spent on shoes. Wonderful build quality, great feel, and the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.

  • 5
    Second pair

    Posted by Karl Keating on May 22nd 2017

    Just ordered my second pair. First pair lasted 18 month - very durable, eventually wore out the sole :) with my daily 5km walk.

  • 5
    Mens Boulder Boot

    Posted by Alan on May 18th 2017

    The fit is great. I love how light they are. I think wearing them all day on concrete might be a bit much, but off-road they're magic. Like slippers for the trail. Vegan moccasins. Like being barefoot, but with cozy armor. They won't keep you dry, but that could probably be remedied with some DIY waterproofing. I kinda wish I had another pair.

  • 3
    Mens Boulder Boot Black

    Posted by Gary on May 8th 2017

    I was looking for a vegan boot that would be very wide. I read online somewhere that Lems were wide and comfortable. I like the looks of them and the light weight, but I found they were not as wide as I needed and the soles provide very little cushion. For me to fix that, I would have to add insoles, which would aggravate the lack of width. Since I have worn them on a 3-mile hike, I won't try to return them. The company was good about reshipping when my post office accidentally returrned the first pair.

  • 5
    Best boot ever

    Posted by Daniel Williams on May 3rd 2017

    These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I love how they are breathable, light, and easy to pack. The only negative is that the shoes are not very water resistant, but that would take away from their breathability. All in all highly recommended as a daily walker shoe or for city backpacking trips abroad. I've had them for about 5 months now and they are holding up well besides a small amount of wear at the seams.

  • 5
    Boulder Boot canvas

    Posted by Guus van Es on Apr 30th 2017

    Now wearing the shoes for 6 months under tough conditions. Hardly any wear-and-tear, even on the rubber sole. So, my doubts concerning material were unnecessary. No Vibram needed. I have to change shoelaces, but I got two pairs anyway::). Just the "inner climate". It might get a bit humid and waterproofing is not really effective. But A++, Scarpa beaten by a mile (or two).

  • 4
    Comfortable, but not so waterproof

    Posted by Jarno on Feb 28th 2017

    So comfortable they make me smile. So lightweight I almost don't notice I'm wearing boots. With an extra pair of thicker socks I can manage with sub-zero (celsius) temperatures. The boots were waterproof at first, but that feature faded away pretty quickly. Now water seeps in somewhere from the tip or the sole, oddly. Also the sole is pretty slippery in cold temperatures. Nevertheless, I like these shoes a lot, even though they didn't quite meet my needs for winter shoes.

  • 3
    Need tougher goretex

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 11th 2017

    I want to like these, but work on a ranch with lots of brutal conditions and mud. These look like they'd last about two days. Also traction and ankle support in theselooks questionable.

  • 4
    Needs gore-tex & vibram soles

    Posted by alex on Feb 7th 2017

    dear lems, i wear your boulder boots everyday. come rain and snow. i haven't found a better boot, yet, HOWEVER, i need something for WINTER. i mean REAL WINTER! i bike year round in Oregon, and this winter, we've had below 15 degrees and WET. My feet do not stay warm and they don't stay dry. Can you make a real, winterized version of this boot? Even when I wear waterproof/winterized socks, my feet get cold. They do not keep warm down to 15 degrees, I"m out there hiking and biking in 20-25 and they are cold. I would say they keep me warm until about 35 degrees. Otherwise, they are perfect and I can hike and bike in them. The only other comment is that the soles are slick over wet, icy, and snowy rocks and concrete. I have been trying to find a winter boot for years that has a wide toe box, and this is the closest thing i've found, but its not good enough for northern winter. I hope that you can make a version that will make the many of us--minimalist-enthusiast winter-dwelling people's-- wish list. barefoot/minimalist folk need winter boots! i believe you can do it, lems.

  • 5
    LEMS Boulder Boot

    Posted by B Clay on Jan 23rd 2017

    Very happy with the shoe I especially need the wide toe box and this boot was everything I expected. For me the first size I selected was too short went up a size and they fit perfect this is a very individual thing and is no reflection on the boot but what was important is the LEMS took the size I ordered back and shipped me the larger size no issue! Thanks LEMS!

  • 5
    Boulder boots black

    Posted by Mathew F on Jan 12th 2017

    I just realized I've been wearing these pretty much every day for over three years. I've had to replace the laces once and am currently working on replacing the insoles for the first time (which is how I happened to notice how long I've been wearing them). I highly recomment them. It's weird, I'm 48 and I keep getting compliments on them. They do, however, not do so well in the rain. My socke will get soaked if I wear these in even a light rain. Aside from that, they keep on chugging.

  • 4
    Great and light shoe but weak seams

    Posted by Soren on Dec 10th 2016

    I am really happy about my black boulder boots, although I am sad to say the seams are a bit weak. The whole seam running across the toes is torn on both my shoes after very little use. Some places there have even been unraveled long threads which I have had to cut off. But I am happy to say that my shoes are still in working order, I am just worried that it won't be long until the seams break completely.

  • 3
    good boot, not sure about quality

    Posted by Justin on Dec 4th 2016

    I got my boots about a month ago and started wearing them fairly regularly. I really enjoy the spaciousness of the toebox and the zero drop, ( I got one full size bigger then usual to leave space for more socks!) Definitely need warm socks for real cold weather!! And its too bad they are not waterproof at all.. any rain you will feel right through the boot! Lastly I question the quality because after only a month and a bit of normal use the sole is coming unglued around the back heal on one of the boots! Not super promising but I have reglued it and hope for the best!

  • 4
    Good boots!

    Posted by Chris on Nov 30th 2016

    These are definitely nice boots, very comfortable, pretty warm, nice to walk in, and look good too. Great for a casual wear boot. They're somewhat water resistant (a quick splash or something), but don't do well with constant water like in heavy rain (which is to be expected). Overall I would recommend them.

  • 4
    Boulder Boot Black

    Posted by Guus van Es on Nov 28th 2016

    This seems like a five star boot, but I'm wearing them too shortly to go further than 4-stars. I love the zero-drop, wide toebox, but wonder how extreme wet weather will affect the shoes performance. Is gore-tex really not necessary? Or a Vibram sole? And how will the shoe perform with heavy loads on rough tracks? Is the support enough to grant safe passage, provided that ankle and foot are strong? A nasty slip off the track comes, by de finition, always unsuspected....and your foot may bend in strange directions. Finally, if this shoe stays in form for a year - with my mileage - it will surpass my Scarpa Mojito Plus as favorite light-hiker. Greetings form the rough trails in the flattest country on earth, the Netherlands (where they charge you a lot more in € than you do in $)!

  • 5
    Absolutely love these boots!

    Posted by Dan on Nov 8th 2016

    I love the fit & how light & comfortable they are. Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Sd on Nov 6th 2016

    These shoes are without doubt, THE MOST comfortable pair of shoes(let alone boots) I have owned. Enough said. But, I will elaborate. The day after I got the boots, I flew to Washington, DC, where we walked around 15 miles a day for two consecutive days, in these boots. I had no blisters, no pain in my feet, and my feet felt cool all the time. I have done similar walking tours of cities in shoes that I would consider comfortable, but have always had to tape up my feet toward the second day. I am amazed at the fact that these shoes, with zero break were able to be so comfortable. I wouldn't consider myself a fanatic minimalist. I switch back and forth between shoes, relying on minimal drop shoes for working out, and regular drops for work. I have loved these shoes so much that I have started wearing them with dress pants. No the greatest look, but the comfort makes it so worthwhile. The only downsides to having bought these shoes are that 1) I hardly wear my other shoes any more 2) I am strongly considering getting the primal and the nine2five, in the spring. If you are considering getting these shoes, just go ahead and do it. Amazing shoes!!!

  • 5
    So comfortable!

    Posted by Eric on Nov 4th 2016

    Imagine if you only had socks on and the world was covered in carpet. That is what wearing the Boulder feels like all day. I normally get wide or E width and these are perfect.

  • 5
    So Far, So Good

    Posted by Rg on Oct 13th 2016

    I bought this pair a few weeks ago and I love them right now. At first, the heels were tight, but I found that wearing them with loose laces fixes that without compromising on comfort and secure fit. Before buying these shoes, I was weary of some negative reviews - namely, someone saying that these shoes were like slippers. I understand what that person was talking about. You can feel the ground on your toes when you were them, but that is PRECISELY why I like these shoes so much. They don't feel like a big steel-toed boot. You can wiggle your toes and feel the ground beneath your feet. It's a nice feeling that most boots don't have. I want to note that I have narrow feet, and LEMS accommodate that unlike other vegan boots, such as Dr Martens (which I've tried on unsuccessfully). As a male vegan, it can be challenging to find affordable, vegan boots that don't ship from overseas and aren't super expensive. LEMS has proven to be my only option so far. If this boot comes out in an additional color, I may buy that one too in the future.

  • 5
    Très bonnes chaussures

    Posted by Nicolas Bourgeois on Oct 9th 2016

    expédition en France sans problème. Très bonnes chaussures: confortables, bien finies. la taille est conforme aux mesures. Je les portent depuis 2 semaines et elles n'ont aucun signes d'usure. Elles sont Vegan, ce qui est important pour moi. Le fait qu'elles soient totalement plates ne nécessite pas une adaptation compliquée ou particulière. Je les recommande vivement.

  • 5

    Posted by Jesse Sapp on Oct 5th 2016

    I have looked far and wide for casual boots that are comfortable and good for my feet. As a college student, I tend to walk many miles each day in between classes and these boots are my go-to shoes. I tell all of my friends about how great they feel and can't wait to get my next pair!

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Pettitt on Oct 5th 2016

    The Lems Boulder Boot is easily the most comfortable shoe/boot I've ever worn. Pros: Perfectly foot-shaped boot. Best toe box ever, which actually tapers TOWARDS the great toe not away from it. Instep and heel are nice and snug with no sloppiness or slip. I can wear Correct-Toes easily with no discomfort. It is thanks to Lems and Correct-Toes that my feet healed from their painfully pathological condition brought on by a lifetime of being forced into pointy toe boots that were "supposed to fit tight". The sole is flexible and sensitive but still protective with a moderately aggressive tread that doesn't track in tons of mud. The natural fiber construction inside and out means that it doesn't get that "polyester stink" that synthetic boots can get. The insole comes out easily for extra width and better ground feel. It's just awesome. Cons: Maybe the finger loop on back of boot could be a little larger diameter; it's a little snug for my finger. Small stuff. Future Products: Even though it would go against the minimalist trend, I would love to see a Boulder Boot Rocky-Trail Plus version which featured the exact same wonderful proportions but with a more protective toe cap (like a Keen toe cap but shaped like the Boulder Boot toe) and more rock protection on the heel and side-wall for when you're carrying a serious pack and fatigue is making you a little "stumbley" Oh, and fantastic customer service and telephone advice -- real people. Thanks Lems

  • 4
    Super Comfortable

    Posted by John Macewen on Oct 4th 2016

    Easily the most comfortable boot I have ever owned. Light, roomy and a pleasure to wear all day. It will be my go to cool weather footwear. Just need to see how it handles snow before giving 5 stars but so far no complaints.

  • 5
    Facilities manager

    Posted by Jordan on Oct 4th 2016

    Great boot. I wear them everyday to work. Much lighter than any other boot I have purchased. This boot is not for construction but great for everything else.

  • 5
    So good

    Posted by Michael Garofolo on Oct 3rd 2016

    I don't think I have ever worn such a comfortable pair of boots. Right from the get go, pulling them out of the box...I knew I was in for a treat! I went with the all black, and I wont ever look back. Very much looking forward to putting some miles in these bad boys!

  • 5

    Posted by David on Oct 2nd 2016

    They are cozy! They are warm and comfortable! They are durable and give secure footing! Most of all I don't feel like I am on stilts when wearing these compared to other boots! Thank you for all of you designs!

  • 5
    Perfect Minimal Vegan Boots! Easy Exchanges.

    Posted by Ash on Oct 2nd 2016

    I had been looking for a minimalist, vegan, work appropriate boot for a long time. The black Lem's Boulder Boot hit it right on the nose! I use a standing desk and love the natural foot-feel. The boots are so light that they feel more like slippers; but they are tough and grippy on my shromps in the woods. Easy to clean. Easy and light for packing in my gym bag. The minute they make a non-leather Nine to Five or Mariner I know I will be getting a pair. For me these ran very true to size. I usually wear a 40 but ordered a 41. I ended up sending the first pair back. The exchange process was fast and easy.

  • 5
    A Gem

    Posted by Michael on Sep 30th 2016

    I can't say anything that hasn't been said a couple of hundred times already, so I won't. Buy 'em and enjoy 'em.

  • 5
    Best boot ever

    Posted by Jonah on Sep 27th 2016

    I absolutely love my boulder boots. They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and packable. They are good for adventures and hiking or just every day life as well. They also look great. I'll never get a different boot!

  • 5
    Why did I just hear about these?

    Posted by George Silliman on Sep 20th 2016

    I started my minimalist foot wear journey back in June with a pair of Lems primal 2s. An awesome shoe. With the oncoming season change I didnt want to go back to a regular shoe, I dont think I could. luckily Lems sells the Boulder boot. Man what an awesome product. I have wore them in several type of conditions and activities ranging from causal to hiking in wet and rocky areas. This boot does it all.

  • 5

    Posted by Timm on Aug 31st 2016

    As someone who has a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit correctly, these boots have been amazing right out of the box. Width is great, lightweight and great fit!

  • 4
    My 3rd pair.

    Posted by Beth on Aug 27th 2016

    My husbands 3rd pair. Can't wear anything else. The ONLY request is to make a waterproof boot, with possible a more aggressive tread. Will be waiting................

  • 5

    Posted by Matt on Aug 14th 2016

    These are by far the greatest piece of footwear to grace my feet. Extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable. If you have wide feet/ ingrown toenail problems these are the shoes for you

  • 5
    Smooth sailing!

    Posted by Tyler L. on Jun 12th 2016

    Before I owned this pair of Boulder boots, I was stuck with some cheap "shoes for crews" steel toe work boots, thinking my line of work would require such a thing. After about 9-10 months, I decided I'd had enough with the ankle pain, ingrown toenails, and other issues that have slowly decreased my agility and power to move freely. Now, I have all of those problems fixed, roughly walking about 6-10 miles daily for the work I do. They hold up extremely well, dry extremely fast(what would take 2 days, takes 4 hours with these), and are finally giving me the strength I need, back into my legs. Just wish there were a different pair of "work boots" modeled after these, so I could get these regulated in the workplace!

  • 5

    Posted by Josh on May 1st 2016

    So i am a big guy (pushing 390) and i have always been in the thickest soles, with the hardest rubber, with the tightest laces and ankle braces, and supports, and insoles, and extra thick socks, all to just try to get my back to stop hurting, and my feet, and ankles, and knees. None of it ever worked, in fact most of that probably made it worse. I got these on a whim after reading up quite a bit on my flatish feet and what a lot of places recommended getting shoes that are as flat as possible, with enough room for your toes to move around, and not a lot of cushion. every time i searched 0 drop shoes, lems were the first to pop up as best, or favorite, or most recommended it turns out i have to agree with every good thing i have heard about them. I have had no foot pain, ankle pain, knee plain, nor back pain since i started wearing them. Prolonged periods of standing and walking no longer cause debilitating pain in my back and ankles. (the need to sit down for at least 15 to 20 minutes just to be able to stand up straight) My ONLY beef's, are that they are a bit more than i usually spend, and because they are a tad warm, im going to have to buy a pair of the shoes, also a bit more than i usually spend, however after all the years of buying and trying hundreds of pairs of other shoes, ill gladly pay it until they DO cost less.

  • 5
    Boulder Boot

    Posted by Phil on Apr 30th 2016

    Lightweight comfort with plenty of room for toes but without being sloppy these boots felt like old friends right out of the box. They just scream take us for a walk

  • 5

    Posted by Mary on Apr 28th 2016

    These are great shoes. I bought them to replace my old pair of Merrell Barefoot Power Play gloves which Merrell no longer makes. The Lems shoes are a good alternative, though I do miss the vibram sole a little from the Merrell's. I haven't gone hiking (yet) in these, but I'm confident they'll hold up for a day hike. I found they chafed a little at first until I started tying them differently, and now they fit perfectly. There's plenty of room in the toebox, which is important to me. I bought (and returned) a pair of Vivobarefoot hiking boots because they didn't have enough room for my toes to move. The brown color is great, though I half wish I'd purchased Timber instead... those look amazing, but I went with boring. Perhaps next time, because there will be a next time! I can easily see myself buying another pair when (if) these wear out.

  • 5
    My New Favorite Shoes!

    Posted by Emme Wistrom on Apr 27th 2016

    These shoes are my new favorite! They literally go with every outfit and every time I wear them I get constant compliments on them. Not to mention I didn't have to worry about breaking them in at all, they are by far the comfiest hiking boots I've worn. I can't wait to stock up on more!

  • 5
    Versatile boot

    Posted by Matt on Apr 26th 2016

    I purchased these boots to wear at work. I work in an office environment. Looks great with khakis and jeans. Very comfortable, no leg or foot pain at the end of the day. Have also put some heavier wear on them working on my car in the garage. Still holding up great. Have read some complaints about the boots not being waterproof. Haven't used them in heavy snow or rain, so this hasn't been an issue for me. Have had them now for about 4 months. I plan on buying another pair sometime. Would reccomend.

  • 5
    you won't find a better boot

    Posted by Patrick on Apr 24th 2016

    unless you buy another pair in another color. this is my 2nd pair of Boulder boots. the first pair lasted me 2 years I think and still looks good and is as comfortable as they have ever been. Hands down, these are the best, most comfortable shoes you will own. All of a sudden you will realize, oh, I can wear these boots with shorts, and I can wear these boots with dress slacks, and hell, I think these boots will look damn fine with a suit

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa on Apr 21st 2016

    I wasn't so sure about these boots at first. The ankle felt a little funny, and it rubbed my achilles tendon just a little. But I've since tromped all over San Francisco, did a whole lot of walking, and they were great. I love the boots.

  • 5

    Posted by Betsy on Apr 19th 2016

    I am an avid hiker with foot problems. Bunions, extra wide feet, high arches,etc. I bought these Lems and gone are the foot problems! I absolutely love them! I normally wear a six to six and a half, got a 39 in these. They are a bit longer than what I normally wear, but for hiking this is perfect, as the feet swell and more toe room is needed. Really wanted to give a five star rating but for some reason, that option wasn't available.

  • 5
    2nd pair of Boulders

    Posted by Leigh Wilkinson on Apr 19th 2016

    I love the Amber Boulder! My first pair were the black ones, and even though they were fully canvas they took more breaking in than my Amber Blues that have a bit of leather. This pair fit great nearly as soon as I put them on! Just as comfortable as the last pair, now with the added longevity of extra insoles these are sure to last me a long while. I walk an hour to work most days, from Queens to Brooklyn, and these boots carry me happily from point A to point B.

  • 5
    Life changing shoes

    Posted by Joshua on Apr 19th 2016

    I've bought 3 pairs of Boulder boots this year and and I'm not ashamed. I'm so in love with these shoes. I've never had a pair that fit better. At my job I'm on my feet for 8+ hours. I've tried everything - running shows, 150$ Nike's, insoles - nothing compares to the comfort I feel when wearing my LEMS. I don't think I'll buy any other shoe again.

  • 5
    Nice and light

    Posted by Cas on Apr 18th 2016

    I wanted a light weight but sturdy boot. These are just that, and my ankles feel very supportive as well. Great shoes!

  • 4
    'With great footwear comes great '

    Posted by Mick on Apr 17th 2016

    Without doubt the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned. My fifth star is waiting for a version that is also fairtrade and sustainable, like the products from Ethletics.

  • 5
    Awesome Boots

    Posted by Rochelle on Apr 17th 2016

    I really love my Boulder Boots. I wear them frequently with jeans on casual days at work. I always throw them on for long walks and I have happy feet and hips.

  • 5

    Posted by Timothy Schipper on Apr 17th 2016

    I have had my Buckeye Boulder Boots for a few months and they have absolutely replaced many of the shoes in my closet. They are extremely light, but have a durable feel so even though you move through terrain or the city easily you still feel protected. I travel extensively for work and only like carry on luggage. I no longer carry tennis shoes on the road, it is always my Boulder Boots in my bag....yes even for the gym on the road. They make my trips to NY with follow on to Denver so much easier since they pack well and are durable enough for finding the nearest Shake Shack in NY or enjoying Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver.

  • 5
    Love my boots!

    Posted by Liz on Apr 17th 2016

    Love! Love! Love! I love my boots. They make me happy. I have very sensitive feet, with arthritis. I can wear my boots, with toe separators and feel comfortable. Thank you for a great boot.

  • 5
    Multipurpose & Flexible

    Posted by Grant K. on Apr 17th 2016

    I use these boots when i ride my scooter to work, when i split wood in the backyard. These are the boots that i take on a quick trail hike in the foothills. I like the flexibility of the sole & the snug and secure feeling of the boots on my ankle. Overall you don't feel like your wearing boots when you put these boots on, which is a nice feeling!