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Mariner Sand

Lems Shoes
$80.00 $95.00
Mariner Sand

Mariner Sand

Lems Shoes
$80.00 $95.00
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Unisex Lightweight Boat Shoe

Ditch the Socks and Hit the Docks

Ditch the socks and hit the docks with these stylishly, breathable boat shoes.  With their 100% full-grain leather and mesh uppers these shoes allow your feet to breathe in the seashore scents without getting all choked up.  And forget the funk, because the smooth leather lining keeps the odor away.  Hook yourself a pair, and let them compliment any outfit.


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  • 5
    Finally someone gets it!

    Posted by Michael on Nov 3rd 2016

    I've been wearing Sperry topsiders for years, and they got to where they made my feet hurt because of the toe box being too narrow. I was so grateful to discover Lems, because you can get intelligently designed shoes that are also attractive. This is my first pair of Lems, and so far I am very happy with them. They seem to be made of high quality materials and don't feel too rigid. I would definitely recommend these!

  • 4
    Very happy

    Posted by Jason Drury on Aug 17th 2016

    I love my Primals and when I saw these I loved the way they looked and since I am a wide toe box/minimalist convert these are the only kind of shoes I will purchase. When I first received them they where everything I hoped for (looks wise). I wore them for awhile and just like others say they tore up heal and right under my big toe. I would wear bandaids in those spots for awhile until I starting putting powder in them since I wear them sockless and don't want them to smell. The powder helped with the blisters and I have not had any more problems. The only other reason I do not give these 5 stars is because the top of the shoe has caved in two different spots. It's rather minor point but they no longer look as good as they do in the pictures.

  • 5
    Regional Sales Manager

    Posted by Chuck on Aug 3rd 2016

    LOVE my new boat shoes! I honestly don't know what people are talking about when I read the few reviews that said these shoes are uncomfortable. I'm definitely a "barefoot guy" and have been rocking minimalist shoes/ going barefoot whenever possible for many years, and I love these shoes. Not only are they comfortable, but I've actually gotten many compliments on their style from "non barefoot" people! Would definitely buy again! Oh, and I still love my boulder boots too!

  • 5
    Love the Mainer Sand!

    Posted by Dianna on Jul 29th 2016

    I am SO Happy with this purchase and Thankful to have these shoes for all of my summer activities. The Mariner has come in SO handy, more than I imagined! Especially when I did not want an Athletic shoe, but wanted comfort and a stylish look. These shoes have been my all day every day shoe. I love that there is plenty of room for my toes and my feet feel comfy ALL day long! Even in the heat~ They are nice and flexible, roomy, I like the insole. And Very stylish, to wear with shorts and Capri's. Thank You for making this Perfect Summertime Shoe! My Feet Say "Thank YOU"!

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie on Jul 6th 2016

    I ordered these as I work and live on a boat and needed something with a wide toes box for my bunion flat feet, (some people have all the luck)! Anyway I have already got a pair of boulder boots which are amazingly comfortable, (I do wear a half orthotic to give my arch a bit of support as without it my feet over pronate)...turn inwards. I absolutey love these deck shoes too...they are uber comfy and I can wear them without socks and they don't smell at all, unlike my old deck shoes. I am so impressed with the customer service too from Lems....would highly recomend these shoes and boots.

  • 5
    A good first impression

    Posted by Alex Z on Oct 1st 2015

    After having dealt with the problem of having short, wide feet with a fairly high instep I came across Lems. Been wearing my mariners for a couple months now and I'm rather pleased. I definitely can't wear correct toes in them but barefoot they feel wonderful and they let my feet do what they do.

  • 5

    Posted by Amy on Aug 3rd 2015

    i live in these shoes. they caused a hot spot on one heel, but after a bit of wear they are as comfortable as slippers. they were buttery soft out of the box. i love lems. the shipping charge and shipping time is worth it.

  • 5

    Posted by Tish on Jun 23rd 2015

    I literally do not have any arches. I wear a size 10-1/2. I purchased a size 43. I had to take out the inserts in order to wear the shoes. Next time I will purchase a size 44. The shoes feel wonderful on my feet. I definitely will purchase more of the Lems shoes

  • 5

    Posted by Garrett on May 16th 2015

    All other shoes are uncomfortable. I am a barefoot in public kind of guy. Now I can be comfortable and socially acceptable. My toes are free to splay!

  • 5

    Posted by Jodyann on Apr 30th 2015

    Can stop feeling overwhelm that I actually own comfortable shoes. I literally gave away all my previous foot wear and restock my closet. Lems shoes are definitely apart of it. These babies are lovely. No tight fit, room for toes and great to help you forget you are wearing shoes.

  • 4
    Pretty good

    Posted by Kristin on Apr 25th 2015

    Not as wide or quite as comfortable as the Boulder Boot. The toe box is good, but I find these to be tight across the instep. They are still relatively comfortable with thinner socks, and I am hoping they will loosen up with time.

  • 4
    Light and comfy

    Posted by Jon on Apr 22nd 2015

    I use these mainly in the office, so I haven't really tested them for walking yet. The soft leather and lightweight sole makes these really very comfortable, although there is something a little weird about the top fit. I have high arches so the tops of my feet can feel too compressed and I have to be careful about lacing. I got a half size up and had no problem.

  • 4
    quality shoe

    Posted by Kris on Apr 18th 2015

    I really like the Mariner, the materials used are soft and quality products. After the break in period the heel softens up which is good cos it can feel stiff the first times. The reason i dont give 5* is because i would love to have them a few mm's thinner, around 5 instead of 9mm. Nonetheless great shoe!

  • 5
    Nice-looking and comfy

    Posted by Vivien Salisbury on Apr 15th 2015

    A great casual shoe for dryer weather. Extremely comfortable and good footwear to take on holidays, as you have room for your foot to spread.

  • 4
    Mad Mariner

    Posted by Andrew Jones on Feb 4th 2015

    If your considering this shoe, pull the trigger its awesome. Yes break-in on the heel/achilles is tough but once done it'll be your go to shoe. I'd love to see it come with a second set of inner-soles' in future so you can air a set between use. The only reason I didnt give it 5 *'s is because I'd like to see the stitching tightened up and the sole to leather sealed (glued) to finish the look.

  • 5
    Amazing Shoes, Can't Stop Buying

    Posted by Jason Stover on Dec 11th 2014

    I cannot say enough good things about LEMS, I own the boulder boot, the primal 2 and now the mariners. I've been looking at these for a long time and finally purchased. These fit better than any other boat shoes I have tried on (and I think I may have tried them all). Great shoes, most comfortable brand I have owned, a little on the expensive side, but well worth it every time.

  • 5
    lems are the best

    Posted by Andrew on Nov 21st 2014

    Great shoe, stylish, comfortable. If I need new shoes I will always shop at Lems.

  • 5
    Lem's Mariner Sand and Lem's Boulder boots Gray

    Posted by Leo on Nov 15th 2014

    All Lem's products are awesome for everyone. Especially for us spready toed individual. I really like the Mariners. I now own 3 pairs of boulders, mariners, and 9 to 5 coffee and creams. So 5 pairs of Lem's. My favorites are the 9 to 5s followed by the boots. I have one pair of boots for casual, one for hiking and one for work. All great. My closet overflows with Lem's and there is room for more.

  • 5
    Well Done LEMs

    Posted by Brian on Oct 12th 2014

    As a barefoot runner, I struggle to find shoes with no change from heel to toe that I can where to the office. These are fantastic: super comfortable, stylish, and, of course, meet my minimalist footwear needs. Well done LEMs, I will definitely be purchasing another pair of LEM shoes.

  • 5
    Amazing Shoes!!

    Posted by Bryan Kaz on Sep 15th 2014

    These have to be the best boat shoes I ever purchased. They are durable, stylish, and extremely comfortable. I was so pleased with my purchase, I already bought another par. This time I went with the Nine2five. I would highly recommend Lems to anyone!

  • 5

    Posted by Matt on Aug 8th 2014

    I have a hard time finding shoes that FIT (not to mention shoes that are also stylish) on account of my super wide feet. Lems hits a home run with these shoes. Fantastic style, extremely comfortable and well-made, and most importantly, plenty of room to accommodate my wide foot and still allow for plenty of room for my toes to spread. I'll definitely be adding other Lems to my shoe collection.

  • 5

    Posted by J Chilton on Aug 7th 2014

    Great shoes! They are so light and comfortable, that you can easily forget you have them on. The natural, foot-shaped last gives your toes plenty of room yet provides an excellent fit and prevents slip on your heel. I will be getting a second pair.

  • 5
    Look and Feel Great

    Posted by Tc on Jun 13th 2014

    Both my wife and myself are now wearing only Lems Shoes. The comfort, stability and pain-free walking we now enjoy has changed our lives for the better. We are older folks in our 60's with mobility challenges. Lems are not just for the young and athletic. We highly recommend them. Customer support is fantastic.

  • 5
    love them!

    Posted by Michael Smit on May 29th 2014

    the lightest most fashionable summer shoes I have found. No more trying to make sandals look good. These are the ticket.

  • 5
    Best Casual Shoes

    Posted by Dustin Edwards on May 1st 2014

    Let's be honest, I have weird wide feet with a dancers arch to die for. So finding shoes that actually fit is usually a chore in itself. These shoes just fit me perfectly. The ground feel with them is excellent and they're the only casual shoes my knees really like me wearing. Face it, lot's of minimalist shoes just look weird, but these look great with just about anything I can wear. Comfortable, durable, and classy you won't regret these.

  • 5
    Great Shoes

    Posted by Casey Rollins on Apr 9th 2014

    Awesome shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They fit true-to-size. They are very light weight, yet feel cushioned, and they have enough room for the toe area not to feel cramped. I love them as casual shoes.

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa on Mar 22nd 2014

    I've had boat shoes before and they were big and had some weight to them. They were uncomfortable to wear but they looked nice. But now that I discovered Lems, these Mariner shoes are perfect! They look great, they feel great and they are very comfortable.

  • 5
    Well Done

    Posted by Magdiel on Dec 29th 2013

    Yeaa! I decided to get these shoes after I bought the Primal 2. I was a bit concerned how they would feel in the beginning. After wearing them for a few days all my concerns disappeared. They are a part of my feet, comfortable soft and they look good. I get a lot of complements about them. Cheers!

  • 5

    Posted by Ed H. on Nov 4th 2013

    I'm new-ish to bare form / minimalist footwear and wanted something I could reasonably wear with a pair of jeans etc. These shoes are perfect: comfortable, light, flexible, in short - a delight! Also, the customer service has been exceptional, I cannot recommend Lems highly enough.

  • 5
    For Everything, Even Biking!

    Posted by Jesse on Aug 27th 2013

    I read a review on Birthdayshoes.com and decided to give these a try. At first I noticed the tongue was a little short and I wasn't sure about them. I had to take out the insole because they were a little snug. After wearing them for a week they softened up and now my Lems are all I wear! They're even now my favorite biking shoe!

  • 5
    Well Done.

    Posted by Ryan on Aug 27th 2013

    This shoe is great. You get the style of a boat shoe with simple and easy comfort. One of my favorite parts is that they are so packable and lightweight for trips. You get a shoe that looks great without carrying all the weight of the alternatives. Thanks!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Steve on Jul 5th 2013

    WOW!. The first shoe that actually handles my primate like toes, (with toe spreader inserts) feel good and look good too. I will be buying more of these shoes. Great service too. I called up several days before the 4th of July about sizing issues. Got real honest answers that were helpful and right on.