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    The foot is closely interconnected with the health of the entire body. When the foot is used properly the whole body works in harmony.

    "The foot is a masterpiece of engineering" -Leonardo Da Vinci

    With its vast array of joints, tendons, and nerves the foot is perfectly designed for absorbing shock and for propulsion. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said "The foot is a masterpiece of engineering." Just to give you a few facts on the foot's astonishing abilities; the skin on the sole of the foot is over 40 times thicker than anywhere else on the body, and is capable of completely regenerating itself in just 27 days. When it comes to tendons, there simply is no match to the foot. The achilles tendon is by far the strongest tendon in the body, regularly taking loads of over 2,000 pounds. The foot has it's very own suspension bridge; the arch of the foot, and it's supported by high tension cables; the dozens of tendons that string from the heel to the ball of the foot (i.e the plantar fascia). The arch is designed to move despite all else, just like a bridge holds strong even under the extreme forces of an earthquake. The arch flexes down and presses back up even while undergoing over 1,000 pounds of force in a single jump.

    A Big Toe Needs Room

    The Big Toe is the centerpiece in so many foot functions. Simply correcting the positioning of the "Great Toe" and giving the other toes space to splay can cure pain from plantar fasciitis and neuropathology (numbness). Correct Toes, a product designed by Podiatrist and Northwest Foot & Ankle Clinic owner, Dr. Ray McClanahan, strives to aid in curing these and other foot ailments. Correct Toes are the perfect complement to Lems Shoes and if worn simultaneously, one will begin to undo what years of poorly designed footwear have done to our toes.