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How do I determine my correct size in your shoes?

On each specific product page there is a sizing tab that should help alleviate any confusion with sizing.  We recommend that you purchase your regular US size.  Please note that the Primal 2 is constructed differently to our other styles and has a separate sizing chart.

I saw your sizing chart, but my USA size can vary between companies. Can you help?

Please contact with the sizes you wear in other brands and our team will be able to assist you.

I am an international customer and do not know my USA size, what now?

Our Lems size generally runs a size smaller than most European sizing.  Please contact and our team will be able to assist you or alternatively contact one of our retailers in your country.  They can be found here – store-locator.

Are the Primal 2 and the other casual models (Boulder Boot, Nine2Five + Mariner) sized the same?

The Primal 2 shoes and the other causal styles (Boulder Boot, Mariner and Nine2Five) are NOT sized the same. They are built on different outsoles, so please be sure to see the sizing chart that is featured on each specific product page for more information on how they will fit.

Do I need to order a size larger to accommodate Correct Toes?

In most cases you should not have to order a larger size to allow room for Correct Toes. If you have a very wide foot you may have to order one size up to accommodate the correct toes.

Do you make half sizes?

We do not. We only manufacture our shoes in EU whole sizes.

If you only manufacture whole sizes, how much larger/smaller is it among different sizes?

Our shoes will vary 1/3” in length, and 1/8” in width between each size.

How wide are your shoes?

Our shoes are a 2E width in the toe-box. They are naturally foot shaped, and taper in towards the heel. With that being said, they are not a traditional 2E from the mid-foot back to the heel.

Are your men's and women's shoes the same or do they fit differently?

All of our products are built on a UNISEX last, so there is no difference between the men’s and women’s fit/feel.

My feet are two different lengths. Can you send me two different sized shoes?

We wish that we could accommodate your request, but unfortunately, we have to send same sized pairs. We recommend ordering the larger size of the two lengths.

I would like to try the shoes on first before ordering. Do you have a retail location in my area?

We have numerous retail locations located across the globe. Please feel free to follow the link to our store locator to see if there is one in your area store-locator.

What size should I purchase in the Primal 2 if I previously owned a STEM or Lemming?
We recommend that you purchase a size up from your STEM or Lemming Primal as our new Primal 2 runs slightly smaller.


What is your return policy?

Please visit our Returns page for more information: Returns and Exchanges

Do you provide return shipping?

Unfortunately, at the time,  we are unable to offer free return shipping.  However, we ship your exchanged item to you free of charge!

Do I need to send my return back in the same shipping box it was sent in?

We require our shoes to be returned in their original shoebox. However, you can send your purchase back in the best packaging that works for you.

My tracking information says my return was received at your warehouse, why have I not received my refund/exchan-ge yet?

Your return may have arrived at our warehouse location, however, the product needs to be inspected for wear and tear, then placed back into our inventory – at which time we receive notification, and your refund/exchange is processed.  *Please note that we are a very small operation and your patience is much appreciated when it comes to returns.*

My return and/or exchange request has come back as "undeliverable". How should I proceed with processing a return?

Please email your request to and you will receive your return instructions within 1 business day.

My return/exchange request was put in a few days ago and I have yet to hear anything. What's the hold up?

We process each return/exchange request manually.  Requests placed over the weekend are processed on the following Monday.  All other requests are processed within 1 business day.  Please contact if you have not received return instructions within these timeframes.


I just discovered your company. How can Lems Shoes benefit me?

With our unique design, featuring a wide toe-box, flexible material, and zero-drop platform, our shoes have the ability to aid in correcting common foot ailments, increasing overall strength in the lower extremities, allow for greater balance, and help realign your posture.  Plus, they are just down right comfortable!

I have never worn minimalist shoes. Will Lems Shoes still work for me?

Our shoes will certainly work for you!  You may experience some discomfort at first, but, know that this just means the tendons and muscles in your feet adapting to the lack of support that most contemporary shoe companies incorporate into their designs.  This should subside over a short period of time.  We typically recommend wearing the shoes sparingly at first, and then progressing to longer durations of wear. It’s all about the transition!

I suffer from bunions, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, etc. - help! Will Lems Shoes work for me?

Though our shoes are not for everyone, we have had a lot of success stories from customers who have suffered from a myriad foot ailments such as these listed above. With that being said, we like to think they could help you, too!

I have high arches/instep. Will Lems Shoes work for me?

We have designed the shoes to fit as many foot shapes as humanly possible. However, sometimes they just don’t work for everyone. It’s difficult for us to give a definite answer to this one, but we feel that the best way to know is by trying the shoes, and letting us know!

My doctor instructs me to wear custom orthotics. Will Lems Shoes still work for me?

All of our shoes feature a 3mm insole that can be removed to allocate for almost all custom orthotics.


Do you charge sales tax?

We are required to charge sales tax on items shipped to Arizona or Colorado.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as Paypal.

Why is my order being rejected by your system?

A majority of the time, this issue is caused by the input of an incorrect billing address.  Our checkout system is very specific, therefore, please double check all of the information and make sure it correlates with the address associated with the credit card.  Also, make sure that the card information is input correctly.

Do you charge any customs or duty fees?

We do not charge customs or duty fees at the checkout, however, you would be responsible for any charges accumulated at your country’s customs office.


I have ordered, but have not received any tracking information. What's the deal?

If you did not put in your correct email address upon ordering, you will not receive the shipment email containing your tracking information.

My correct email is on file, but I have not seen my package ship. Why is that?

If you ordered and the items have not shipped within 2-3 business days, that means there could be an item in your cart that is out of stock. Please reach out to for what can be done to remedy the situation!

I am an international customer and my tracking says that my item(s) are still somewhere in the USA. What is the hold up?

If your order has been at a specific location in the United States for a few days and nothing has changed in the tracking, this means that the package is currently en route to your country and once it passes through customs, you will see an update to that shipping information.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer gift certificates at this time.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts that I can apply to my order?

We do offer promotions and discounts! The best way to hear about these special offers would be to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our site!


Are any of your products waterproof?

None of our products are waterproof. If you were looking to enhance the water-resiliency of any of our shoes, we recommend using any sort water-repellent product (Nikwax, Scotchgard, etc.) to help with that.

Are you able to make custom sized shoes?

We are unable to manufacture custom sized shoes.

Can you make any of the products without the Lems branding?

We cannot remove the Lems branding from any of our products.

Will you EVER make the Primal 2 in larger sizes than a 46?

After much deliberation with our manufacturer, unfortunately, we are unable to develop larger sizes of the Primal 2 at this time. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive further information regarding similar products we plan on releasing in those sizes. We are currently working on many new shoe designs that will accommodate larger sizes and plan to launch them in 2018!

How about a full waterproof boot?

We have also considered this style, and we hope to have this option available in the future!

Ok ok, what about a female specific shoe to replace the Sweet Jane?

This style is high on our radar and we are in the process of designing this style. As with all company information, signing up for our newsletter is the best way to stay up to date!

Do you offer the Nine2Five in a smaller size than a 40?

Yes! We offer the  Nine2Five Black + Mocha, starting at size 36. They can be found here – Womens Nine2five Black.

Do you offer replacement insoles and/or laces?

We do offer replacement insoles and laces for our products! Please go to the following link for more information.


How would you recommend cleaning my Lems?

For any non-leather products we suggest using a soft scrub brush, soap, and lukewarm water and allow your shoes to air dry completely over 24hrs before wearing. *Please note: if you soak your shoes in hot water for a period of time, this can cause the dye fixative or mordant to be removed and can result in the color running.  As our shoes have a rubber outsole, high heat washing can also shrink the shoes, so we do not recommend putting your shoes in the washer.

If your shoes do feature leather (ie, The Nine2five) then the Otter Wax Leather Care Kit is ideal!


I'm interested in purchasing Correct Toes. Can you provide more information on this product?

As much as we wish that we came up with Correct Toes, they were actually designed by one of our advocates – Dr. Ray McClanahan. Their company is completely separate from ours and their staff is much more knowledgeable on the product. Please feel free to visit Correct Toes’ specific FAQ for more information regarding their product:



When are your phone lines active?

Our phone line is active Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm (EST).  During this time, we are handling everyone’s inquiries/requests as efficiently as possible. As there are only a few of us manning the phone lines, we tend to get tied up with other customer’s inquiries. Please leave a voicemail with your details and request and we will make sure to return your call within 1 business day.

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