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Syd + Macky


Taylor Hood


Alex Tourigny

Alex Tourigny is a young commercial fine art photographer from Fitchburg, MA. Specializing in large format panoramas and sport photography, you can find Alex roaming the White Mountains or riding single track anywhere in the northeast.


Ashley Cribb

Ashley lives outside of Atlanta with her son and husband, while working as a pharmacist helping people to live healthy, happy lives through natural and holistic practices. She love being outdoors - hiking, camping, trail running - and loves sharing that with her family! Ashley also enjoys being a parent and spreading the 'live easy and minimal' outlook to the next generation!


Bailey + Johnny River

Bailey & Johnny River are local to the Pacific Northwest. They are constantly testing the limits of the human body, mind and spirit. Bailey is a Life Coach, Herbalist, Florist and Nutritional Therapist who desires to use her skills in helping people thrive. Johnny is a Life Coach, sponsored Snowboarder, certified inPermaculture and enjoys Woodworking and Blacksmithing. He is an avid learner and researcher with the goal of restoring degraded land to grow nutrient dense food. Everyday they pursue learning new things, pushing limits and adventures.


Chavet Breslin

Chavet (Shavay) Breslin is so excited to be a part of the Lems team! She was raised in Denver, Colorado and still lives there. She absolutely loves running as she’s an ultra marathon runner and spends much of her time training on the roads in Denver and on the trails in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Chavet loves to travel and runs anywhere she can. She has run a marathon or longer in all 50 states and now want to do the same on all seven continents. She loves to run any distance, but her favorite distance is 100 miles or longer!


Chelsea Strub

Chelsea is a curious, fun-loving marketing professional living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After foot reconstructive surgery on her left foot, she's learned the importance of natural footwear and how beneficial it is not only for her feet, but her overall posture and health. Now, she sports her Lems on hilly hiking trails in the Steel City, on the go for work, and while teaching aerobics classes at the local gym.


Eamonn Powers

Eamonn Powers is really happy to be doing things with the great people at Lems. Originally from New York City, he’s the son of some punk rock parents, he moved to Florida to go to school and to learn to fly airplanes. Eamonn flew around the world quite literally, doing anything from being an airline pilot, to wrenching as a mechanic, to teaching people how to fly acrobatic airplanes. He’s lived in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Mexico - eventually making it to St.Louis, where he lives now, in the Ozark Foothills. Eamonn’s goals now are not airborne, but grounded. He wants to help raise great people with his beautiful wife Shannon, he wants to explore every state with his kids in their VW Eurovan camper, and when he’s not doing those things he’ll be making sweet vegan grub, riding his KLR 650, or training to run his next ultra.


Hunter Bruhn

Hunter Bruhn - make sure you do the things that you want to do today; tomorrow might not come. Hunter loves to travel and explore new places, make sure to follow his journey as he travel to Australia for 4 months to adventure and explore... oh and he likes school as well!


Jacob Frank

23 year-old Jacob Frank is originally from a small town in Minnesota but recently made the move to Bozeman, Montana to feed his adventurous side. His hobbies include backpacking, fishing, hiking, hunting, hockey and bodybuilding. Jacob came across Lems about 2 years ago before he took a big backpacking trip, 30 miles in 3 days. He has never been so impressed with a hiking boot design; Lems are the best!


Jason Wright

Jason Wright is a photographing, backcountry exploring, rock climbing, mountain biking, [occasionally] surfing, always fishing, and perpetually studying, world citizen - originally from Austin, Texas. After receiving his Undergraduate degree in Electronic Media and Photography, Jason made his way out west. After a few pit stops in California he finally found myself in Seattle, Washington, studying Naturopathic Medicine and enjoying all the PNW has to offer.


Lauren Lundy

Meet Lauren! Photography, the outdoors, and people are her passions. Most of what she does typically includes all 3. Lauren’s mission is to tell her story and the stories of people she encounters through adventure, photos, and words.


Mark Campbell

Mark owns and runs CORE Strong Fitness, the only Suspension training facility in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s an NSCA certified personal trainer and a Certified Black Rank TRX Coach. He loves running, as he’s run over 15 half marathons, 1 full marathon, a handful of 5ks and 10ks over the last 5 years. Mark also enjoys yoga, hiking and getting away with his wife and dogs whenever he can. Lems Shoes has allowed him to take his minimal approach from his fitness lifestyle to his casual life without sacrificing comfort!


Mimi Mccormick

Mimi is a New-York raised, Coloradan transplant who lives in an A-frame up in a Boulder canyon. During the week, she works as an interactive producer for an advertising agency. On weekends and holidays, she's a road tripper and adventure planner, and she will never get bored of exploring new corners of Colorado and the world beyond it.


Rachel Alex

Rachel is an Iowa girl living in and loving the PNW with her husband. She’s a nature lover, book reader, coffee drinker, and loves to be challenged by and learning new things! Keeping things simple and living minimally allows her to be present and fully engaged in this beautiful world. Rachel is so thankful to have found a supportive company and community like Lems!


Ran Bryshun

Ran lives in Edmonton, Alberta as a sous chef of vegan, gluten free, organic restaurant, Noorish Conscious Eatery. She’s a lover of the outdoors, camping, naked sun time & gathering wild water, in-between slaying away in the kitchen.


Ryland Lanagan

Ryland is a parkour gym owner from Portland, Oregon. Besides parkour, he loves slack lining, trail running, calisthenics, surfing, traveling the world... and tacos. He is a lucky husband of 15 years, an Army veteran, and a VERY proud Dad of 2 Irish-Mexican-American sons.


Sam Breschi

Sam is a lover for the movement sciences and arts. He lives in DC with his wife where he teaches yoga and travels around the world meeting fellow movers and shakers. Sam believes that along with nourishing food and supportive communities, daily mindful movement is our strongest medicine.


Syd Schulz + Macky Franklin

Syd Schulz and Macky Franklin are professional mountain bike racers who travel the US in their 1998 Ford cargo van racing and living the van life. They love their Lems and wear them all the time, the Primal 2s for cross training, Mariners for hanging out around the campsite and the Boulder Boots for off-bike exploring and adventuring.


Taylor Hood

Currently residing in Parkdale, Oregon, Taylor headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming after 24 years of skiing ice in New England. The lure of the West Coast and all the outdoor fun that it offers helped him realize the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest, was now home. In 2015 he started ROAM (roamrentals.com) with the love of his life to help get people outside and off the beaten path. Always looking for the next adventure, you will usually find him on skis, a surfboard or Motocross bike as far away from a city as possible.