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Recently, Rodale’s Organic Life Magazine posted an article about the importance of foot health. The different regions of the foot are all vital elements to not only foot health but overall body health.

Here’s a breakdown of the five most important components of your body’s literal foundation.

Each step involves a push off your toes. To give your toes room to flex naturally, be sure that you wear shoes with at least ¼ inch of wiggle room. Tight-fitting shoes hamper this natural motion and can cause blisters and calluses—and, more long term, toe deformities.

The faster you walk, the more bending occurs at the ball of your foot. Unless you’re hiking (when you would want a sturdy shoe for stability on uneven ground), seek out flexible shoes, which will allow the ball of the foot to bend comfortably

Your foot’s arch is a natural spring that helps cushion loads. If you have flat arches, look for shoes that give extra stability to the inside of the foot so that it doesn’t roll.

Your foot contacts the ground heel-first; to minimize stress on your shins, try not to land too hard, and avoid shoes with over 12 millimeters of heel lift.

Achilles Tendon 
Walking stresses both your Achilles tendon and your calf muscles. Flat shoes increase the stress, especially if you’re walking at a fast clip. Instead, choose shoes with a slight heel lift; 8 to 12 millimeters is generally a good range.

All information from Rodale’s Organic Life

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