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Damn, the man. Save the Empire!!

Corporate America can be a bitch. We have all had a job or two that makes us want to shove pencils through our eyelids and burn the TPS Reports to the ground.

Companies often blur the line between professionalism and uptight, often times creating a workplace and more importantly a company that takes themselves way too seriously.

Well, if you happen to know us or follow us on our social media (Uhhh what are you waiting for?), then you know we are not that company.

Today is April Fools, which Mark Twain claims.. “is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.”

Yes Mr. Twain, I admit I am a fool, a joke if you will. Often laughed at instead of with. But if I am going down, I try to take as many down with me. Therefore, pranks will be had. In my younger days, I have Toilet Papered houses (We called ourselves SWAT aka Sabotage With All Toiletries) I have drawn on a passed out friends face with Sharpie, and in a rare instance or two, I have shaved an unexpected friends head.

Now that I am grown (in age, not stature) I like to think I have matured, at least a little bit. Instead of the aggressive acts of vandalism or physical defamation of a friend’s face, I like to throw Jello at a friend’s face instead.

So go ahead and play a prank on that uptight boss of yours. You may be sitting on your couch looking at the Classifieds tomorrow, but in the end, it will be all worth it. I mean besides telling you the Black Nine2Five was coming out months ago, have we ever steered you wrong before?

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