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Three Things To Look For In Travel Shoes

Having a tough time deciding what to choose when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of minimalist travel shoes? We’ve put together a list of what matters most when it comes to finding minimalist casual shoes that stand up to the toughest travel criteria.


When you’re looking for a way to fit everything in your luggage, picking a shoe that packs well is essential. If your goal is to bring along a boot that can go anywhere and do anything, look no further than the Boulder Boot. Consider it the ultimate minimalist casual shoe that makes every aspect of your trip that much more comfortable. 


You never want to feel weighed down by luggage when you’re out exploring. Equally important is conserving energy with every step you take. That’s why the weight of your shoe is a factor that you should never take lightly (pun intended), and also why the vegan-friendly Primal 2 should be at the top of your travel shoe list. Checking every box when it comes to minimalist casual shoes that are ready for anything, you might not even feel the need to take them off when it comes time for bed. 


There is nothing worse than blisters or sore feet after Day One of a trip. Choosing the right pair of shoes can truly change a vacation, and that’s why selecting a pair that’s built for every terrain and element is essential. With so many different types of minimalist casual shoes on the market, sorting through the field and finding a pair that functions well and looks good can be a bit of a gauntlet. Thankfully, Lems simplified it when they made the Leather Boulder Boot. The LBB is flexible enough to pack down to the size of a puffy jacket, and looks cool on literally everyone. We swear.  

If you’re ready to hit the road for your next great adventure, make sure you consider your footwear and the role it plays when it comes to assisting you in maximizing your comfort. Lastly, have fun out there, and tag @lemsshoes in your travel photos. We’d love to see them. 

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