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“Don’t play with matches, someone will get burned.”

“Only you can prevent forest fires.”

Yeah, yeah, we have all heard our parents and talking bears tell us of the dangers of fire.

But Lems Shoes is giving you a free pass today, so put your back to the wind and find your favorite lighter, because it’s time we all pay attention to that little pyro within our souls.

The Boulder Boot has quickly become one of our most popular products.  But, a lot of our customers have written in or called us up to tell us that the toe-area of their Boot is fraying.  Unfortunately, because of the moccasin style of the boot, this is going to happen.  So even if it hasn’t happened to your pair yet, I quote Jurassic Park engineer Ray Arnold, played by the legendary Sam Jackson, “Hold on to your butts.”

Often times companies tell their customers that feedback matters to them when in reality the disconnect between Joe from Michigan and super-rich Exec with a shitty toupee is so great that often times, so-called feedback never gets to the people who matter. 

That’s where Lems Shoes is different. When someone orders a pair of Lems, they get an E-mail asking the customer for feedback.  Whether this feedback is positive or negative, we read EVERY one of them and we respond to EVERY one of them.  So if there are doctors out there who specialize in Carpal Tunnel, expect a call in a few years or so. 

Anyway, lots of you have inquired about the tops of your Boulder Boots fraying.  Since it is not the 90’s and these are not jeans, frayed ends are probably not your cup of tea.  So without further ado, I give you the solution to all of your fraying problems.

Grab the wounded soldier and analyze what needs to be done. 

Find a safe place (preferably away from a gas pump) and place your Boulder Boot down on its side to prevent burning off any of those pretty little digits of yours.

Hold the lighter upright.  Light Lighter. Now let’s burn some shit.

Simply touch the ends of the frayed pieces and not the boot itself.  Like Harry Houdini, those bad boys will disappear like magic and you will be left with a brand new looking Boulder Boot that will attract all the ladies.  

  If ANY of you out there burn your house or sister down because you simply wanted to stylize your Boulder Boots, please let us know beforehand so we can remove this post and any ties we have to you.  Godspeed. 

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