Face it, we all procrastinate, which finds us rushing to find Dad a last minute gift before Father’s Day this Sunday. Before you log on to Amazon Prime to get that nose trimmer rush shipped, maybe we should consider just spending time with pops instead this year.

Before smart phones and Netflix, it seemed a lot easier to hang with the parents and not be so easily distracted. I can remember going to the park launching rockets with my dad or having a picnic outside because the sun was out. Nowadays, the rocket launch would be paired with Google instructions on how to and the picnic would be shared on Instagram and Snapchat.

So if you’re like me and still have yet to get Dad a gift for Sunday. Here are a few ideas that he may enjoy.

Play catch.

Football, baseball, any kind of ball. Having a catch with dad on a summer evening can be extremely rewarding for both father and son. When I was younger, my dad would practice chipping golf balls in the backyard while I would field them with my baseball mitt. A little unconventional, but it is something I’ll remember for a long time.

Go fishing.

Often times men have a hard time sharing their emotions and refuse to get sentimental. Going fishing with pops is the easiest way to camouflage this bond. Fishing tends to hit the back burner as the majority of the activity requires sitting and waiting, and good conversation becomes the big selling point. So if you and dad aren’t the closest and you are looking for a way to open up, invite him fishing and see what happens.

See a Movie

Although there isn’t much talking during a movie, no doubt your dad will still appreciate the time spent hanging out with him. Go see a movie you know he would like or a movie that reminds you both of your childhood (i.e. I’m sure any superhero movie would do). Afterward, ask him to grab a beer and talk about the film.

Go to a Ball Game

In the primetime of June is the perfect time to grab a ball game with your dad. Grab some cheap bleacher seats, buy a beer and a dog, and enjoy America’s favorite past time with the man who introduced you to it.

Go for a drive

Whether a road trip or just a ride around the block. Riding in the car with my father has always been a favorite experience for me. Usually, dad will put on the music he knows and likes and it brings us both back to when I was a child learning the words as my dad sang them to himself.

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