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Although the snow is subsiding and the temperatures are rising, we wanted to close out winter with a bang this year. We wanted to do something that we were able to cross off the bucket list but utilized snow and the outdoors as well.

So with Lems in hand we set out for Yellowstone National Park to watch Ol’ Faithful spout its fury. However, instead of the all too casual, experience of taking the bus and snapping a few pictures, we decided to rent snowmobiles and explore some of the backroads of the park as well.

Although a few snowmobiles were tipped and a wolf attack may or may not have happened, it was an amazing trip with some breathtaking and scenic fews.


Group shot of us on the way in. Look closely and my helmet strap was in my face!

We had to stop often to be able to take in all of the gorgeous scenery.

Old Faithful goes off about once every 70 minutes!

It started getting pretty cold on that snowmobile.

Hot springs are throughout Yellowstone with some temperatures well over 100 degrees!

Group shot of our tour group while searching for buffalo.

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