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Well, we’re about three weeks in and where’s everyone at on their New Year’s resolutions? My guess is some of you are still going strong and some of you may have called it quits. Instead of making all these crazy rash “resolutions” on December 31st, why not have some attainable goals for 2016?

January 1st, 2016 – the first day of the New Year. The first day that everyone is making all of these promises to themselves that, inevitably, they probably won’t keep. New Year’s resolutions – whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, being a better person, quitting drinking or smoking, the lists are endless. Why not start small and come up with some simple resolutions that are actually attainable for the New Year, 2016.

1. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Don’t be that crazy person and say you’re going to lose 100 pounds this year! Not saying that isn’t realistic, but don’t set your standards too high, at least not to start out. In order to obtain a realistic goal, start small. Make it a priority to drink more water, eat more veggies, and walk when you have the option to. Instead of sitting around after work or on the weekends, go for a hike, walk to the store and overall, just be more active! Not saying you need to spend 6 hours at the gym everyday, just adjust the little things in your daily routine. Make it a priority to live a healthier lifestyle in 2016.

2. Do More and Do Different

Get out of the house, out of your normal realm, surprise yourself and do something different. Go white water rafting, buy that pair of shoes that you’ve been wanting to try out, order a different beer, eat different foods. Find local events and concerts to go to, call up your friends and switch it up for the weekend! Take a drive and get lost. Make everyday a new kind of adventure and embrace it. Maybe this is your year to experience new things and find out what you really want to do with your life.

3. Get Organized

Do yourself a favor – go to the store and get a new calendar or planner. Start writing things down and making more plans for yourself. De-clutter your closets and your cupboards. Take a look in your closet at all of those clothes that you haven’t worn in 5 years – drop them off at a consignment store. Start this year fresh with an free and easy mindset. Always remember, less is more.

4. Stress Less

No matter what happens, everything always find its own way of working itself out. There’s no reason to stress or over-analyze what’s happening in the moment, nor what’s going to happen in the future. Make sure to enjoy the time that you have and live each moment to the fullest. Don’t consume yourself with the things that may not go right, or freak out over a bad day. Do something calming, like having a glass of wine and coloring! Adult coloring books are a hot new trend right now (I should know, I got one for Christmas…). And wine? Well, that’s always trending. But seriously, just enjoy the life you’re living and be thankful that you have the opportunity to live it. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

5. Make a Difference

Volunteer more, help a friend out, buy that stranger’s cup of coffee behind you in line, bring in bagels and coffee to work on a Monday morning. You may not realize it, but it’s always the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Smile more. Try to be a better person than you were last year.

As I said a few paragraphs up there… we’re about three weeks in. You can either fall into the norm (give into your weaknesses) or you can be close to that 8% of people that actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Find something attainable that you can actually put your mind to. What are you going to do this year? I guess it’s up to you.

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