Who the Hell is Lems Shoes!?!?!?!

Want to know more about those attractive faces posted all over the Lems Shoes website?? All this week, the blog posts will be featuring an interview with the different employees of Lems Shoes. You’re welcome world.

Andrew Rademacher


 Could you describe your position at Lems Shoes?

I do what I can in order to hang onto the reigns of the sleigh as it zooms through the sky dropping Lems’ presents down the chimneys of boys and girls everywhere.

Besides feet and footwear, what are your hobbies and interests?

Snowboarding, Biking, Running, and everything else that isn’t a ball sport. God skipped me when giving out the gift of hand-eye coordination.

What did you like most about growing up in the 90’s?

I got to experience the millennium at 15 years old riding down a ski slope on a hotel bathroom toilet seat.

List 5 facts about you that people might not know about you. I was voted most gullible of my high school class I had a natural affinity with horticulture I regularly sketch my dream house I build a fire every wintery night I have a problem staying up late.

What’s the hardest thing you have physically ever done?

In my college days I completed a 40-mile mountain bike race; then the very next day I hiked Mt. Washington in Vermont: a total of 17 miles. For the next 4 days I had to walk down steps backwards!

If Lems Shoes were a high school, what would be your senior superlative?

Most Likely to be Easily Distracted.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“We must burn the ships behind us” -Eric Sparks

If you could be friends with one fictional character who would be your choice?

Lloyd Christmas – Dumb & Dumber

What confuses you most about life?

Why are we still conquering territories like it’s “Risk: The Game of World Domination?”

What product would you like to see from Lems in the future?

I have a few: 1. a waterproof snow hiking boot. 2. a mountain biking cleat and 3. a soccer cleat

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