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If you’re like us here at Lems, we have a passion for traveling and are on a mission to see the world. However, while we’re in our office here in Boulder (which is a great place to be, don’t get me wrong) most of our fans and ambassadors are sending us some pretty awesome pictures of where they’ve taken their Lems.

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t jealous, but I want to commend you guys for getting our Lems seen and noticed throughout the world. Check out all the places they’ve been!

Most of us here at Lems are passionate about traveling – whether that be 2-3 hours up into the mountains, exploring a new part of Colorado, heading across the country or even the world. As for me personally, I haven’t even put a dent in my life-long travel plans – therefore, I pretty much just live vicariously through all of you while you take your Lems on all these adventures around the world… as I sit here… at my desk… writing about it….

Despite my undeniable jealousy, I have to admit, it’s pretty cool to see. We really do love hearing travel stories and seeing some pretty incredible pictures from our customers, partners, advocates and fans. Our goal is to continue developing collapsible footwear that can travel with you wherever you may go. Trust me, I understand the difficulties when it comes to packing. Let’s face it, I am a girl.

Anyways, I’m not going anywhere exotic here anytime soon. But at least I was fortunate enough to make the move to Colorado from Ohio – no complaints there! Take a look where our Lems have been recently and a huge thanks to all of our supporters for sharing these pictures with us!

Sugar Pines Farm – Cleveland, OH [Photo: Tessa O’Connor | @tessacatrin]

Lake Tahoe, CA [Photo: Hunter Bruhn | @hunter_bruhn]

Brooklyn Bridge – New York City, NY [Photo: Andrew Rademacher | @andrewrademacher]

Stanislaus National Forest – Sonora, CA – [Photo: Rachel Alex | @rachaelalex86 |]

The Subway – Zion National Park, UT [Photo: Charlie Keating | @Charlie_Keating |]

Hearst Castle – San Simeon, CA – [Photo: Nicholas Pang |]

Saddleback Mountain – Rangeley, ME [Photo: Richy Rodriguez | @richyeveryday]

Camping in Hawaii [Photo: Kevin O’Reilly | @kevinophoto |]

Grand Canyon – AZ [Photo: Skeleton Racer, Cassie Hawrysh | @cassiehawrysh |]

Badwater Basin, Death Valley – CA [Photo: Ryan + Bernadette Morgan | @los.adventures]

Kauai, HI [Photo: Dylan Melcher | @dylanmelcher]

Bruce Peninsula National Park – Ontario, Canada [Photo: Nick Uthe | @nickuthe |]

Oregon [Photo: Erik Sanders | @rangerrikk |]

Green Mountain – Boulder, CO [Photo: Steve Perna]

Arenal Hanging Bridges – La de San Carlos, Costa Rica [Photo: Rachel Alex | @rachelalex86 |]

Bommer Canyon Trailhead – Irvine, CA [Photo: Jordan Pate-Clemmons | @jordannicoleyoga |]

Antelope Canyon – AZ [Photo: Megan Coe | @meganbcoe]

San Clemente, CA [Photo: Tiffany Sandra | @tiffanysandraa]

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [Photo: Steven Mills | @stevenmillsii |]

Ozone Falls – Cumberland County, TN [Photo: Lauren Lundy | @laurenclundy]

Rock Creek – Parks, NE [Photo: Austin Clapper | @thesmartclapper]

Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park – Key Biscayne, FL [Photo: Chris Gonzalez | @superlevelife]

Valley of Fire State Park – Moapa Valley, NV [Photo: Audrey Smith | @audgepodgee]

Mt. Batur, Bali [Photo: Sage Carlton | @sage.wellness |]

Glacier National Park – Montana [Photo: Michael Travis | @miketeeshirt |]

Have some travel photos with your Lems to share? Send them in to for your chance to win some free gear and be added to this post!

Cheers guys, and thanks for being awesome.

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