If you want something done right do it yourself. Or if you want something done cheap with little to no professional help, do it yourself.

Working for a small business, you generally tend to wear many more hats than your job title implies, unless your job title is “The Man of Many Hats” AKA Steve Perna AKA The Vegan Vixen.

For example, as Marketing/PR Coordinator, I have also dipped my hand into foot model, salesman, IT guy, janitor, and most recently Videographer/Editor.

People love videos, Love ‘em. They take much less thought to watch than reading this here blog post. And if you’ve made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing this intellectual blog over watching the latest sing-along wedding proposal gone viral.

Don’t get me wrong. No judgment over here. I mean who wouldn’t rather watch four episodes of Community than read The Autobiography of Mark Twain. And don’t lie to yourself either, Mr. I order Scotch at the bar when people are looking.

So to appease all those out there who would much rather wilt away watching moving picture after moving picture instead of reading word after word, I give you the very first Lems Shoes’ Commercial.

I would like to thank The Academy in advance.

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