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Well Colorado, you’ve done it again. Maintaining the same record from 2015, Colorado has officially been deemed the skinniest state in the nation. Come on, how cool is that!

The state of Colorado’s obesity rate has remained the Nation’s lowest, yet again. With just an adult rate at over 20%, Colorado is still skinny. I mean hey, I’m not surprised. Everyone is always outdoors and pursuing a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.

According to the most recent reports, adult obesity rates are now exceeding 35% in four states, 30% in 25 states, and the remaining states are all above 20%. That’s crazy! Although, rates did drop in four states – Minnesota, Montana, New York and OHIO! I’m sure you can understand my excitement with that one. I read somewhere that this is the first time in over 10 years that any state in the country has experienced a decreased obesity rate. Yeah, America!

If I’ve learned anything in my 24-years of existence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so incredibly important. I’m not talking about to partaking in all of these crash-core diets and eliminating pizza for the rest of your life (I mean come on, who can actually do that)… but seriously. It’s just about making fitness and healthy habits apart of your everyday lifestyle, and sticking to it. Keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

The top 5 tips that I can attest to are as follows:


Before each meal, drink a glass or two of water. You won’t believe how much fuller you’ll be before you even get halfway through your meal. And continue to drink water all day long, as annoying as it may be.


I’m not talking about spending 5 hours a day at the gym or running 25 miles. Simply go the long way to take the trash out, do 20 minutes of yoga in the morning or go for a 30 minute walk around the block. Just as long as you do a little extra each day, it still counts – and find a buddy to join you!


Don’t stress. Easier said than done, I know. However, it’s not worth it and kind of makes you a little crazy, for no reason. Studies show that stress can increase your appetite and drive your craving for bingeing junk food. See? Stress=bad.


Sleep and stress are directly tied to each other. Lack of sleep causes more stress, and increased stress causes the increased appetite. When you’re tired, what do you usually turn to? Coffee, energy drinks or food. Yeah, these are all good sources of energy, but not when you’re sleep deprived. On lack of sleep, most people turn to quick, easy meals that aren’t necessarily the most nutritious. I think you can see where this one’s headed…


These words are the most important, and most crucial to live by when maintaining a healthy lifestyle – in my opinion, at least. Think about it, when you go out to dinner and order a plate of pasta or a burger, how much food do you typically get? Pasta is usually a plate or a bowl, larger than your head, stacked with a mountain-sized pile of noodles, accompanied by a salad and bread sticks. You know what a serving of pasta is? 1 cup. That’s all. You get about 3-4 when you go out for dinner. As for a burger? A portion of meat is typically 4 oz. How bout that giant burger you get that you can barely hold with two hands, paired with an entire plate of fries.

It’s okay to order these types of foods when you go out to eat, but it is so important to keep in mind the portions. Cut the burger in half and only have a few fries. You still can have all of these delicious foods, just make sure you don’t binge only because it’s on the plate in front of you.

When at home, measure out your food. Once you start plating normally, you’ll begin to catch on to what your actual portions of food should be for each meal – and also realize that the smaller portions are really all you need to be full.

So, America, let’s do this. Work at it everyday and let’s get double (or triple) the amount of states decreased obesity rates for next year. We can do it!

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