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In order to get you geared up for the fall, we teamed up with these awesome brands for an end of summer gear giveaway!

The winner will receive ALL of the following:

One pair of Lems Shoes of your choice + one of our brand new tees (@lemsshoes)

One box of assorted Bearded Brothers bars (@beardedbros)

One Hoodie, two snapbacks and two travel bags from KAVU(@kavu)

One tee from Uncharted Supply Co.(@unchartedsupply)

One weekend mountains tee from Weekend Tee (@weekend_tee)

An assortment of goods from both Munkpack and Field Trip Jerky(@munkpack + @fieldtripjerky)

Two toiletries bags from Alchemy Goods (@alchemy_goods)

One Poler Shift jacket from Trew Gear (@trewgear)

Two phone cases, one Burly Zebrawood watch and a pair of handcrafted wood sunglasses from Tmbr(@tmbrs)

And vitamins from Smarty Pants Vitamins (@smartyhealth)

TO ENTER: Head over to our INSTAGRAM page, give each brand a follow and tag your friends // let’s get geared up!!

**CONTEST ENDS 8.19.16**

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I never in my life expected to worry about something as obscure as shoe weight, outsole design or heel angle. Even the idea of having problems sliding my foot into a tall boot was not considered until four years ago when I lost my leg above the knee in a vehicle accident. As I think back now I realize that my views on walking with a prosthetic leg were very unrealistic.
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