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Today we reminisced about old April Fools Day pranks and jokes we played on other people, had done to each other, or at least witnessed.

Let’s start out with Steven Michael Francis Perna, the first. He claimed that he and his buddies from college usually took things to the next level when it came to April Fools’ Day. His famous one was wrapping the toilet seat in saran wrap. I think we all know how that one ends… nice going, Perna.

Next, in their five-bedroom college house, his buddy Mike had that one room with the super serious vent for the heater and would always get more heat than anyone else in the house. So of course, on April Fools Day, all the boys closed the vents in their rooms to force all of the heat up to Mike’s. It got up to 80+ degrees in there and he was forced to open his window during a hellacious snowstorm and it was literally snowing on his bed pillows. Nice guys, huh? Glad I wasn’t in that house.

As for me, I can’t really think of anything I’ve actually done to anyone else. Frankly, I was never that creative or sly to pull something off. Plus, I really can’t lie or keep a straight face if my life depended on it. However, when I was in high school, the boys in the grade above me made one of the back hallways into a slip-n-slide and then covered everything, I mean everything, in one of our English teacher’s room in tin foil – which honestly, I didn’t think was that bad, but she cried… a lot.

I think Andrew + Gayle are being a little devious because they wouldn’t share any stories. Those are always the ones you have to worry about…

So I decided to look online and see what some of the best pranks were, which I think, some of them might’ve taken it a little too far. For example, someone went into an open container of Oreo’s, scooped out all of the cream in the middle, and replaced it with toothpaste. Um, WHAT! Could you imagine? How about painting clear nail polish on the bar of soap in the bathroom so it literally doesn’t get soapy? Okay, last one – I saw a video where a guy smeared butter all over the floor outside of the shower while his friend was in there. So when he stepped out, he wiped out so. hard. I don’t even know if I’d be mad at that point, I think I would probably just cry a little.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of something good, especially because I know they won’t be expecting it… don’t underestimate me boys – I’m ready!

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